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ream someone out

Sl. to scold someone severely. The teacher really reamed him out. The coach reamed out the whole team.
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ream something out

to widen or clean an interior cavity or channel by scraping, grinding, or drilling. Ream the opening out so the flow will be faster. We had to ream out the pipes so the fuel would flow to the engine.
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ream someone's ass (or butt)

criticize or rebuke someone. North American vulgar slang
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ream someone out

tv. to scold someone severely. The coach reamed out the whole team.
See also: out, ream
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Alistair Clements, managing director of REAMS, said: "We are extremely pleased to have secured this contract.
Ream first came to Bolton for a trial last month following the end of the Major League Soccer season and Coyle has at last been able to wrap up the deal, the defender granted a work permit earlier this week.
Ream is a replacement for Gary Cahill, who moved to Chelsea earlier this week.
Reams, a retired teacher from Pocatello, Idaho, said her son had a good heart.
Reams said Milliken Place will be launched specifically through the specialty carpet channel, explaining the company is "trying to create the brand and the proper image, so we don't want to go mass.
Reams was disillusioned by a perceived lack of action, although the Jockey Club is believed to have turned down the reports primarily on cost grounds.
Timing is critical with orphaned or injured animals, Reams said.
The new sales tax possibly could generate $6,000 a month, but it's difficult to predict the amount because Gosnell doesn't have a large business district, Reams said.
Reams said: "How can we come to a team at the top of the table, score three and miss other chances and still come away with nothing?
With a win on Sleepytime in the 1,000 Guineas Fallon has a great chance to complete a classic double on Reams of Verse.
However, it was Warren Place's other runner, Reams of Verse who carried away the pounds 91,840 first prize.
Scout Investment Advisors (Scout), a subsidiary of UMB Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: UMBF), announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Reams Asset Management Company (Reams), an investment management firm based in Columbus, Ind.
The day after the Reams had tied the knot, the New York Red Bulls player received a call from Trotters boss Owen Coyle asking him to travel to England to sort out his move to the Barclays Premier League.
Police believe that Heyer, a Coos Bay resident, was behind the wheel of a Cadillac sedan that struck UO student Brian Sanford Reams at 2:45 a.
In a research project combining resources from a number of environmental agencies and government departments as well as its own data, Canon found that local businesses throw away more than eight million reams of office printer/copier paper every year.