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ream someone out

Sl. to scold someone severely. The teacher really reamed him out. The coach reamed out the whole team.
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ream something out

to widen or clean an interior cavity or channel by scraping, grinding, or drilling. Ream the opening out so the flow will be faster. We had to ream out the pipes so the fuel would flow to the engine.
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ream someone's ass (or butt)

criticize or rebuke someone. North American vulgar slang
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ream someone out

tv. to scold someone severely. The coach reamed out the whole team.
See also: out, ream
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Ream had been linked with QPR, who have just signed Town keeper Alex Smithies in a near-PS2m transfer.
About three miles short of the finish line, an unofficial food stop offers Jagermeister, and Ream has skied back after finishing to help hand out the German liqueur.
Because the product reams on demand, the wiper trip was eliminated, and during liner operations the tool was activated when tight hole conditions were encountered from 22,450 ft onwards.
Caption: Figure 5 Lateral and inferior views of the glenoid bone remaining after correction of large defect: large defect (left), eccentric ream (middle left), 16[degrees] wedge (middle right), and 7 mm step (right).
Ream first came to Bolton for a trial last month following the end of the Major League Soccer season and Coyle has at last been able to wrap up the deal, the defender granted a work permit earlier this week.
On a bright October day in 1943, a three-plane division, led by VC-7 skipper Lieutenant Commander Bill Bartlett, took off from Ream Field for Goldstone Dry Lake (today, part of Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division China Lake).
I just read their financial statement every year and it looked like they needed some help, so I volunteered," says Ream, 79, who retired with comfortable savings from his construction company.
Prior to his tenure at Willis, Ream held property brokerage positions at Hilb, Rogal and Hobbs Co.
Her fianc was killed during the war and in his honour Miss Ream became Miss Lee.
The day after the Reams had tied the knot, the New York Red Bulls player had a call from Trotters boss Owen Coyle.
Ream has two objectives following his arrival in English football, to play well for Bolton and make amends with new wife Kristen for cancelling their honeymoon.
Ream succeeds Carmine Romano, who is retiring following a 41-year career with American Airlines.
The ream package will be a tight polyethylene bag with a built-in opening rip string.
A little while later, Jim Ream of nearby Johnstown, Pa.
Bolton v Everton today, KO 3pm FA CUP 4th ROUND BOLTON'S American star Tim Ream wants to serve up an FA Cup upset to his buddy - Everton keeper Tim Howard.