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Chavez, with 20 years of integrated design/construction expertise in project delivery methodology, considers real estate to be one of the strongest business drivers shaping the future of industry, essential to the core business decisions made by the corporate world.
Having planned a different career, Cobum's love of real estate began with a quirk of fate: a temporary job agency placed her at Rockefeller Center in the middle of the tree-lighting season.
Today, The Corcoran Group is Manhattan's largest privately owned real estate firm, a 10-office operation with over 450 sales agents and $1.
Covell believes that because we constantly design, build, change, eliminate and create buildings everywhere and for every conceivable use, real estate is one of our greatest achievements.
Home buyers and sellers will have access to Prudential Real Estate's eCertified(SM) agents to assist them structure and assess their real estate transaction.
is the leading online real estate information and tools provider.
com, a global Internet site for commercial real estate brokers, providing easy access to more than 150,000 national and international property listings.
Headquartered in Orlando, Real 3D is a leading provider of advanced computer graphics technology.
Real 3D's technology foundation is based on Lockheed Martin's more than 30 years experience developing advanced combat and space flight simulators.
Real 3D's product line includes the StarFighter graphics boards, PRO-1000 high-end image generators, and a 3-D laser scanning system called RealScan 3D.
For more detailed sales and distribution information, contact Real 3D at 800/393-7730 or email at real3d@real3d.
Real 3D was responsible for system level definition, hardware design, and 3-D pipeline simulation.
Throughout the development process, Intel relied heavily on Real 3D's knowledge base and intellectual property related to high-performance graphics systems.
The Real 3D product line includes arcade graphics boards used by Sega Enterprises, standalone graphics engines used in commercial training and engineering visualization markets, graphics accelerator boards for PC workstations, and graphics accelerator chipsets.
Real 3D has entered into agreements with Intel to co-develop real-time 2-D/3-D graphics chipset technology for desktop PC products and with Chips & Technologies Inc.