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Beck is a woman of influence on behalf of the real estate industry at City Hall, in Albany and Washington, D.
In Behnke's view, real estate has evolved from a fragmented industry with imperfect knowledge to a global marketplace in which capital flows play an increasingly important role.
The division also announced that Megan Hartung has been appointed as a sales associate for Real Estate New York.
Current REM directories include Real Estate Forum([R])'s Professional Real Estate Services Resource Guide; Real Estate Forum's International Real Estate Guide; ForumPlus (Debt & Equity Capital Edition); Real Estate New York's Professional Real Estate Services Resource Guide; Best of the Best (Real Estate New York, New Jersey and Southern California)
Rather than endlessly searching for current real estate information, we are now able to bring news from many sources directly to the user through the Real Estate insider," explained Daniel Levy, President of Real Estate On-Line.
We are delighted to offer the services of Real Estate On-line and REALTOR.
The expansion of global markets for commercial real estate securities and the movement toward flexible, energy-efficient buildings will be the factors having the most influence on commercial real estate markets in the future.
Articles in the September 60th anniversary issue include a look at the pioneering deals in the real estate industry over the past six decades, profiles of the next generation of business leaders who will be moving to the C-suite and a graphical spotlight on transactions that have shaped the industry over the course of the magazine's existence.
Real Savvy Moms(TM) is a comprehensive multimedia support system for today's active, intelligent, savvy mom.
Over its long and distinguished history, Real Estate Conference Group has built a reputation for events that attract A-list speakers and loyal attendees.
The new co-developed venture will initially publish three no-cost commercial real estate analytical reports, including a quarterly National Outlook Index and the National Value Index, and a monthly focus report on various property sectors -- all of which will be distributed to subscribers of www.
We chose to align with RealSelect after carefully evaluating our options for delivering quality enhancements to our public Web site that would complement our overall eBusiness strategy," commented Steve Ozonian, chairman and CEO of Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services.
There are a lot of 2D/3D graphics boards on the market right now, including a good number using the Intel740 chipset that we co-developed," said Joe Mazzarella, vice president of sales and marketing at Real 3D.
Real Estate On-Line, based in New York City, is the leading developer of Internet services for commercial and multi-family owners and managers nationwide.
The scanning hardware and software technology, originally developed by MetaCreations' Real Time Geometry (RTG) labs, significantly reduces the cost while speeding up the process of capturing texture-mapped models of complex objects such as the human face.