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realness serves as a strategy of resistance to hegemonic gender and sexual norms in terms of the violence to which members are subjected if they do not disguise their gender and sexual nonconformity.
As commentator Kodak Kadinsky chanted at a ball m Detroit, "realness, realness with a twist, these are boys that twist their wrist; realness, realness with a twist, a little bit of that, a little bit of this.
The maintained hypothesis underlying the interpretation of the CV results is that the validity or accuracy of responses is enhanced by increasing the respondent's subjective probability about the realness of the CV survey.
I'd like to think that she appreciated the realness and the effort that I put into it.
Kapoor seems to be provocatively asking, "Does this overload of realness repel you?
Quinn and Hal's romance is compelling in its realness.
These bands are bringing that early '00s realness into 2016.
Every time you see him he wins you over with that emotion and that quality and that realness.
It was an exercise in restraint to not try to anticipate or manipulate, so I looked for moments that moved me, that had some realness to them.
8220;The realness of the stories and situations is what is going to really capture the audience just because of similar situations the viewer has or knows someone affected as well,” she said.
While the two shows differ significantly, Raff and his team bring a realness and sense of urgency to each.
ON BEING DIFFERENT: Aside from being the only lesbian pinup that I know of, I would say my realness and positive energy set me apart from the rest of the girls.
It's a tight circuit you'll run: from the Public Theater's expansive Under the Radar Festival at Astor Place; to the Incubator Arts Project's tidy Other Forces festival, a quick five-block dash to the northeast; then another several snowy blocks south to the dance-centric American Realness, at Abrons Arts Center; on to the widely dispersed COIL Festival; and finally to the new-opera PROTOTYPE Festival, home-based at HERE Arts Center.
Realness of creating green economy in Kazakhstan in the coming years.