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The conclusions to these troubling American stories yet untold, Farmingville's open ending leaves one hoping that 2004's filmmakers keep the realness coming, one gritty, inspiring story at a time.
com), which will serve as a destination for fans to follow the program and experience the brand's passion for realness through recipes, household tips, DIY projects and daily inspiration all while keeping an eye on how the donations add up through the summer.
In the Queen Realness category, Lola Balenciaga, stunning and leggy in pum pum shorts, takes the prize.
There's a realness to track and field athletes, a realness that solidifies the connection between competitor and fan.
They may not have the fashionable edginess of the skinny-jeans wearing masses, but The Enemy do have a powerful realness about them that kept me glued to the stage.
Making original manuscripts like this accessible to the public is very important as it brings realness to their books and inspires new work.
If you're a girl who is not good at faking it, try Benefit's The Realness of Concealness, right.
05 FIX any skin emergency with Benefit's Realness of Concealness compact containing all their best cheats Ooh La Lift, Lemon Aid, Boi-ing, Lip Plump and HighBeam, in miniature.
But he longed "to feel the Latino thing again--the calor, that warmth and realness of touch, of family.
Thanks to the mag to make such things as these happen--simple, ordinary, yet authentic instances that give life a few sparkles of realness.
Danse de rien") provides, as for all major poets in the Baudelaire-Rimbaud tradition--from Apollinaire and Frenaud to Jaccottet and Bonnefoy, Etienne and Le Dantec--the moving ground of a poetic reflection anchored in the "miracle" / "peu de chose" of each moment: the endless (ex)changes it conveys, its concreteness, its reciprocal experience of corporality, and yet its atemporalness, its mental-emotional depth, as well as the sense of unknownness it promotes within us, a recognition as buoying as it can be frustrating of the insufficiency of our categories of analysis and articulation of realness and nowness.
TREND: The search for authenticity reflects Asia Pacific consumers active pursuit of realness
New Campaign Takes Brand's Love of Realness to the Next Level With Cause-Based Platform
Arch Dance brings realness and emotion to every creation which evolves from personal investigations of human behavior.
Clancy's vision, like the idea it would replace, has the appeal of realness mixed with new purpose.