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beyond the realm(s) of possibility

Impossible. With my low test grades, I think that getting an A in this class is beyond the realms of possibility.
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coin of the realm

1. The coins used in monetary exchanges in a particular country. Drachmas are no longer the coin of the realm in Greece. You'll need euros if you want to buy anything here.
2. By extension, something that is especially valuable in a particular field or area. You better get this unique idea of yours patented—intellectual property is the coin of the realm for inventors.
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within the realm(s) of possibility

Possible; capable of happening. You worked so hard this semester that I think an A is within the realm of possibility.
See also: of, possibility, within
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beyond/within the realms of possiˈbility

impossible/possible: A successful outcome is not beyond the realms of possibility.
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