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Of course, you realize this means war!

A declaration of all-out revenge made after being slighted or injured by another party. Usually used humorously. Popularized by the Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, likely in reference to The Marx Brothers. A: "Sarah told the Bobby that you were allergic to his cat so that she'd have a shot at dating him." B: "She did what?! Why, that no-good, rotten… Of course, you realize this means war!" So, they think they can push us around with their lawsuits, eh? That we'll just roll over and let them have our property? Well, of course, you realize this means war!
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realize (one's) potential

To perform to the utmost of one's abilities; to find as much success as is possible for one. "Potential" is often modified by "full" or "true." I wish you would realize your true potential instead of wasting your talents in this dead-end job. I've decided to start training with the Olympic team so I can realize my full potential.
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realize (something) from (something)

1. To come to some particular realization as a result of something else. I realized that she didn't love me from the look on her face. You should have realized from the way they were acting that they had no intention of honoring the agreement.
2. To achieve or obtain some profit or other gain as a result of some transaction or sale. We'll ensure you realize the largest possible return from your investment. The government realized a pretty sizable profit from the sale of its properties around the country.
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realize one's potential

to fulfill one's potential; to do as well as one possibly can. I hope I can get a good education so lean realize my potential.
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realize something from something

1. to perceive something from some kind of evidence. I just now realized something from what you've been saying. Tom realized how wrong he had been from what Mary told him.
2. to reap a profit by selling an asset that has increased in value. He realized a large profit from the sale of the house. We hoped to realize a lot of money from the sale of stock.
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For some reason they are all trying to hold out for the "rich & famous international galleries," not realizing that most galleries are like any other retail business, watching to contain costs to make a profit.
NEC LCD Technologies' new SOG LCD has not only succeeded in the inclusion of a driver circuit and a downsized model, making it suitable for a range of industrial applications, but also in realizing a superior level of picture quality enabling it to meet the demands of mobile devices as well as industrial and professional fields.
Fully realizing an incentive package's benefits can take up to 25 years.
Realizing the full benefit of tax credit incentives requires appropriate tax planning, timing, knowledge of compliance procedures, documentation and interdepartmental coordination.
On the one hand "what we will see is buyers realizing interest rates have gone up and might go up again, and so people might want to lock in lower rate."
On the other side, for example, the company is holding together a $1 million townhouse deal since the buyer is realizing it will cost them "real dollars more" on the price that was just negotiated.
For maintenance to fulfill its part of the equation, realizing this interdependence is a first step; proper staffing, training, funding and performance evaluation will make it work.
* The discharge rate is increased three-fold, realizing a low power, one-sided drive circuitry.
Reattribution of loss carryforwards is available to the selling group and may be the preferred method for realizing the benefit of those losses, especially if the losses apportioned to the departing member are not severely limited and the selling group cannot generate sufficient capital gains to offset the capital loss on the sale of the subsidiary.
Today, companies are realizing that they have achieved real benefits through outsourcing.
They are realizing significant time and financial benefits from being able to use a single source of information for conditions and opportunities in local markets.
Easy installation in carriages is enabled owing to its miniature size, realizing creation of a mobile communication solution for mobile objects.
In 1988, Schlicher sold his home, realizing a $419,000 gain.
Weiss noted that increases in steam bills, higher water and sewage charges, and also fuel prices, all contribute to buildings not realizing profits as they have in the past.
A transaction that is either a direct or indirect acquisition by a related party generally results in the debtor realizing COD income.