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realize (something) from (something)

1. To come to some particular realization as a result of something else. I realized that she didn't love me from the look on her face. You should have realized from the way they were acting that they had no intention of honoring the agreement.
2. To achieve or obtain some profit or other gain as a result of some transaction or sale. We'll ensure you realize the largest possible return from your investment. The government realized a pretty sizable profit from the sale of its properties around the country.
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realize (one's) potential

To perform to the utmost of one's abilities; to find as much success as is possible for one. "Potential" is often modified by "full" or "true." I wish you would realize your true potential instead of wasting your talents in this dead-end job. I've decided to start training with the Olympic team so I can realize my full potential.
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realize one's potential

to fulfill one's potential; to do as well as one possibly can. I hope I can get a good education so lean realize my potential.
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realize something from something

1. to perceive something from some kind of evidence. I just now realized something from what you've been saying. Tom realized how wrong he had been from what Mary told him.
2. to reap a profit by selling an asset that has increased in value. He realized a large profit from the sale of the house. We hoped to realize a lot of money from the sale of stock.
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This disadvantage aside, some observers believe that companies should favor SCT over realizable numbers because of the former's relative simplicity.
With the distinction between pay opportunity and realizable pay clearly drawn, we can now answer the critical questions that arise in setting executive compensation at any company, but particularly at companies where there may be a delay in translating earnings improvements into stock price appreciation.
Generally, if the taxpayer offers the net realizable equity in his assets and the present value of five years of future income after reduction for necessary living expenses, the Service will give serious consideration to accepting the offer.
Thus the reorganization value represents an economic value; it is the present value of the aftertax future cash flows expected to be generated by the assets making up the reconstituted entity that emerges and the net realizable value of those assets that will be disposed of.
If a taxpayer is permitted to borrow up to the full amount of his equity in the plan, this should be taken into consideration in the computation of realizable equity.
On the first issue, discussion centered on whether a write-down of nonmonetary assets (for example, fixed assets or identifiable intangibles) to net realizable value should be reversed.
The allowance for loan losses represents the quantification of management's assertion the loan portfolio is valued at its net realizable value in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.