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27: Long Island Chapter Of the Appraisal Institute will hold its Real Estate Appraiser Assistant Program at the Marriott Residence Inn, 9 Gerhard Road, Plainview, NY 11803 from February 27--May 15, 2007.
As for real estate investment categories to consider, the commercial market is divided geographically, by industry segment (retail, office, warehouse, etc.) and by type of property:
If Primo can successfully reposition Capri to profit from the next big trends in the real estate industry, then add the contacts and capital of Ross' organization to his shrewd industry know-how, there's no telling how much landscape in the real estate industry he will be able to control before he's through.
1.469-4(d)(1)(i), rental and nonrental real estate activities generally cannot be grouped when determining material participation, they can be combined if the grouping constitutes an appropriate economic unit and (1) the rental activity is insubstantial in relation to the nonrental activity or (2) each owner in the nonrental activity has the same proportionate ownership interest in the rental activity, in which case the portion of the rental activity involving rental of items to the nonrental activity may be grouped with the nonrental activity.
The emotional message of The Polar Express provided a direct link to the emotional connection of fresh Christmas Trees for parents and their children, the primary determinants of a Real Christmas Tree purchase.
Servcorp's General Manager, Susie Martin, says: "We are experiencing increased demand from foreign companies entering the Japanese market and expect that external demand for Japanese real estate will increase."
In this spirit, we sought public comment on the real estate proposal.
Real took off again and, by the late 19th century, miners were extracting US$3 million worth of silver every year from the bowels of the surrounding mountains.
In 1996, Kosonen did the same thing, except he also attached a statement indicating that he qualified as a real estate professional and elected to treat all his rental real estate activities as one activity.
Dohner, Nortel's vice president of real estate, "One of the things our CEO asked was 'How do we make our real estate more valuable to the company?
But more often than not, over-appraisals are deliberate schemes that benefit the real estate investor, the developer, the appraiser, and sometimes the lender but end up hurting the rest of us when the plan unravels.
Dow Jones Indexes, Wilshire Associates and Wells Real Estate Funds announced the launch of Wells' newest mutual fund, the first licensed to track the Dow Jones Wilshire Global Real Estate Securities Index.
REM provides intelligence and information for the commercial real estate industry in print, online and through seminars and conferences.
Simply put, a "real estate professional" can deduct certain rental real estate activity losses against all categories of income.
By linking Latin American-based web sites into a strong regional advertiser network, Real Media assists North American companies and agencies in reaching highly targeted audiences.