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O metodo das opcoes reais constitui amplo avanco para avaliar investimentos, quando comparado ao metodo do VPL.
For an extra 85 reais a month, he bought a motorcycle that halved the time he spent commuting and allowed him to take joy rides in his spare time.
And the value of the highly pure gold coins increased in the same proportion, not only so that the price in coins of 1,000 reais would correspond to the same weight (at the rate of 30,000 reais the half pound), but so that a greater quantity of highly pure gold would correspond to a higher price in the same proportion in which the quantity of highly pure gold of the old coins exceeds the quantity contained in the 1,000 reais coins, subtracting something on account of the blend [of other metals] they contain, as was taken away from the coins from Castile.
Since Avianca and Azul capped World Cup airfare at 999 reais, TAM and Gol have shifted prices on several rival routes to the same informal ceiling -- or, in rare cases, 998 reais.
When the ducat began to be minted, it was worth in Castile 375 maravedis, in Portugal 400 reais and, in Flanders, its value in what they call gruesos in that province was equivalent to 400 reais or maravedis, according to the estimation of the merchants and to the consensus in exchanges and in all negotiations.
282 billion Reais (USD770 million), Italy's Agip, and Spain's Gas Natural, among others.
292 billion reais and of investments by 417 million reais last quarter.
In a ruling issued late on Friday, the judge ruled that Vale and BHP could be held responsible for the disaster at the iron ore mine in the state of Minas Gerais, for which the government is demanding 20 billion reais ($5 billion).
com/brazil-petrobras-scandal-arrests-senate-leader-investment-bank-chief-alleged-2200671) arrested Esteves, and Delcidio Amaral, leader of the ruling Workers' Party in Brazil's Senate, tried to convince a suspect in the corruption investigation targeting PetrobrasAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA to disagree with a plea barg Local media reported, according to Reuters, that police found documents suggesting that BTG Pactual also paid 45 million reais ($11.
By extending a 12 year door to door financing in Brazilian Reais, the IDB loan will enhance the company s financial sustainability, providing a loan term in line with the long-term nature of the company s investments, and matching the currency denomination of its revenues.
Three reais is absurd," she said referring to the new higher bus fare.
But Grupo TACA's South American strategy means the group will be earning more of its revenues in pesos, reais and soles.
ABN Amro will pay the Central Bank another fee of 120 million Reais to raise its stake, bringing total fees to 200 million Reais.
Brazil's Petrobras said that more than one in five of its direct employees agreed to leave the financially troubled state-led oil company in a buyout programme that is expected to save 33 billion reais ($10.