ready, steady, go!

ready, steady, go

An instruction to begin something, typically some kind of competition. The phrase is commonly used at the beginning of a race to indicate when the competitors can start. Primarily heard in UK. Is everyone in their positions? OK then, ready, steady, go!
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ready, steady, ˈgo!

(British English) (also (get) ready, (get) set, ˈgo! American English, British English ) what you say to tell people to start a race
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He went on to find greater fame as compere of another teen show, Ready, Steady, Go!
But what got the gossip columnists really excited was her affair with Beatle John Lennon whom she met when the two appeared on pop music TV show Ready, Steady, Go! in 1964.
Harrison played the iconic guitar in numerous shows including appearances on music programs like 'Ready, Steady, Go!' and 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' and in the band's hit track 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'.
T ' 'THE weekend starts here," was the cry that launched the start of every episode of Ready, Steady, Go! Before MTV, YouTube and computer downloads, the Friday night music show was one of the only ways to see and hear the latest bands in action.
Start compiling your wish list now, ready, steady, go! Model shot: Dress PS20 (in stores 9th Feb), wedge trainers PS15, hoop earrings PS2.50, Sunglasses PS1
READY, STEADY, GO! The annual Ponteland Wheelbarrow Race
PACING THEMSELVES Left, runners on the Millennium Bridge; right, Chris McConvill and son Taylor WARM-UP Aerobics fun on the Quayside BEST FEET FORWARD Left, cheering on the runners; right, on the run CHAMPION Race starter Stephen Miller CHEERING THEM ON Runners from the Newcastle Bridges School READY, STEADY, GO! Runners prepare to run along the city's Quayside to raise money for The Evening Chronicle's Sunshine Fund
Ready, steady, Go! More than 10,000 runners start their arduous journey as Lord Mayor Naomi Long sounds the horn.
The slogan was, "The Weekend Starts Here", and the show was Ready, Steady, Go! Elkan Allan was its producer.
Indeed, it was Dusty who introduced Motown to England, hosting a seminal Ready, Steady, Go! special that featured the Temptations, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, the Supremes--and Martha and the Vandellas, whom Dusty got to know in 1964, when she traveled to New York to do a mostly Motown holiday show at the Brooklyn Fox theater.
Dusty was 24 at the time and performed the song on TV music shows Top Of The Pops and Ready, Steady, Go!
READY, STEADY, GO! The relaunch of the Prudhoe Miners' Race NEW EVENT Olympic Bronze medalist Charlie Spedding with pupils from Highfield Middle School at the relaunch of the Prudhoe Miners' Race
READY, STEADY, GO!: Harro Dorsch, Tess Melvin, Wilhemina Doomson, Beth Morris, Mike Dewey, Cheryl Collins and Bernadette Parry Picture: COLIN LANE