read (one) a lecture

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read (one) a lecture

To scold, reprimand, or reprove someone severely for an error or mistake. I was read a lecture by my boss last week for messing up the accounting software. I know Mary messed up, but there was no need to read her a lecture for it.
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read a lecture

Also, read a lesson. Issue a reprimand, as in Dad read us a lecture after the teacher phoned and complained. The first term dates from the late 1500s, the variant from the early 1600s. Also see read the riot act; teach a lesson.
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read a

To issue a reprimand: My parents read me a lecture because I had neglected my chores.
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For instance, what reads as a peach fabric in the quilt is actually a low-volume small print of cheddar on white with navy accents.
Moreover, in Notice 88-22, the IRS stated quite clearly that the asset test will be applied on a gross basis and that "[n]o liabilities, whether secured by particular assets or otherwise traceable to particular assets, will be taken into account." This statement reads as if it were meant to apply only to third-party liabilities, or that it was simply not intended to prevent the disregard of intercompany transactions after applying the subsidiary look-through rule.