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readjust to (something)

1. To adapt, conform, or acclimate to a new or altered situation or environment. I've got to readjust to the way I do my work now that I'm in this new company. I always find it hard readjusting to daylight savings time.
2. To change or alter something in order to adapt, conform, or acclimate it to a new or altered situation or environment. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "readjust" and "to." We're trying to readjust our business model following the recent merger. She needs to readjust her expectations to the way things have turned out.
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readjust to someone or something

to make a new adjustment to someone or something. Please make an attempt to readjust your work schedule for the next two weeks. I don't think I can readjust to this climate.
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An international consultancy commissioned by Noga conducted a survey in 2013 to design a multi-phased price readjustment policy.
"Despite the new readjustment, diesel prices remain below those in other GCC markets," Noga secretary-general Dr Ahmed Ali Al Shiryan said.
Although the budget readjustment does not affect in any way the healthcare budget, the budgets of the Ministry of Health and the Health Insurance Fund were debated as well.
Land readjustment Programs have been identified as the common intervention practices--against compulsory land and property purchase practices--as a participatory approach in several countries [14].
Foreign Minister Davutoglu observed that since 1991 the world has been in a post-Cold War era, but there has been no fundamental readjustment of the international system as occurred in the wake of previous "big wars." He noted that the Thirty Years War produced the Peace of Westphalia; the Napoleonic Wars were followed by the Congress of Vienna; the First World War led to the formation of the League of Nations; and World War II resulted in the United Nations.
China on Sunday began implementing a speed readjustment plan for all bullet trains across the country, having them to run more slowly to boost safety in the wake of last month's accident that killed 40 people, official media reported.
Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo (BM&FBovespa: SBSP3; NYSE: SBS), a water and sewage service provider, has announced to its shareholders and the market that the Sao Paulo State Sanitation and Energy Regulatory Agency has authorised its tariff readjustment.
- Kerry: American Policy in the Middle East Needs a Readjustment. - Japan is Racing against the Clock to Cool the Overheating Nuclear Reactors.
The group warned that the property market was entering a new period of readjustment, which it expects to continue well into 2011.
Based upon Linear Technologies' precision converters and voltage references, these cards do not require calibration which results in quick, easy setup; and they eliminate the necessity for readjustment and recalibration to installed units in the field.
One of the oldest inhabitants of the Bulgarian readjustment park for dancing bears near the southwestern town of Belitsa has died.
Professor Nazmi Maliqi comments for Utrinski vesnik that there is no need of bad diplomatic readjustment and a false opening of a neighbor problem.
He covers such issues as social readjustment and acceptance, job training and placement, medical care and disability compensation, education, retirement, burial.
Fortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers an excellent resource for readjustment counseling.
The new six-part series about a retirement village in Milton Keynes lets the residents speak for themselves - and there is much focus on readjustment.