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readjust to (something)

1. To adapt, conform, or acclimate to a new or altered situation or environment. I've got to readjust to the way I do my work now that I'm in this new company. I always find it hard readjusting to daylight savings time.
2. To change or alter something in order to adapt, conform, or acclimate it to a new or altered situation or environment. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "readjust" and "to." We're trying to readjust our business model following the recent merger. She needs to readjust her expectations to the way things have turned out.
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readjust to someone or something

to make a new adjustment to someone or something. Please make an attempt to readjust your work schedule for the next two weeks. I don't think I can readjust to this climate.
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"As a result, a 2.9% will be applied to the monthly base salary of the degrees assigned to the aforementioned authorities in the corresponding Salary Scales, in which the salaries, allowances, benefits and other compensation associated with the degrees will be readjusted. previously indicated and other remunerations that correspond to the aforementioned authorities, "is specified in the message.
The other eleven will have to readjust their microbiological standards to the criteria of the Russian legislation considering Macedonia's laws are fully harmonized with the European.
Readjusted diesel prices were given the green light by Bahrain's Cabinet at its weekly session on January 12 as part of government plans to redirect subsidies to benefit eligible people only, said a report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN).
"We were in the mix in the league until we dropped a couple of points at PSNI, but we'll maybe have to readjust our ambitions because it could take us the season to get a lot of new players settled.
I hope Rajan is able to readjust the fiscal system," Jain said.
Summary: JEDDAH: With schools starting on Saturday following the summer and Ramadan break, many people are suffering from sleeping disorders and finding it difficult to readjust their rest habits.
Nadal had spent two years without playing on grass and admitted he had to readjust.
When he's finally released after months of being held off from his fellow man, he finds it hard to readjust to his life.
No fumbling with settings; no need to readjust the speed.
MANY men find it hard to readjust when their partner has had a baby.
Certain people have even raised EUR50,000 to help him readjust to life on the outside.
President Bush signed the act, which aims to help the 650,000 inmates released from prison each year readjust to society.
Some change to less stressful jobs or work part-time; others readjust their expectations of what they can accomplish on and off the job.
In the book and in his columns, he's written extensively about the transition warriors face when they return from combat and readjust to civilian life.
12 Readjust the paper to form a circle with the same size you measured in Step 10.