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readjust to (something)

1. To adapt, conform, or acclimate to a new or altered situation or environment. I've got to readjust to the way I do my work now that I'm in this new company. I always find it hard readjusting to daylight savings time.
2. To change or alter something in order to adapt, conform, or acclimate it to a new or altered situation or environment. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "readjust" and "to." We're trying to readjust our business model following the recent merger. She needs to readjust her expectations to the way things have turned out.
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readjust to someone or something

to make a new adjustment to someone or something. Please make an attempt to readjust your work schedule for the next two weeks. I don't think I can readjust to this climate.
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If the mother starts implementing these habits, a child's sleeping habit will readjust automatically.
Today most students, save those in honors English or elite private schools, readjust a few classics in high school.
vendors must readjust to new realities on their side.
It differs from a traditional approach most notably in that subjects are given a number of practice activities that engage them in exercises to readjust the way they process the input.
In Kathy Coffey's article "A priest is a terrible thing to waste" (September), a priest is quoted as saying: "Any Fortune 500 company that lost as much talent and personnel as the church has would take a serious look and readjust.
Finally, heating it to 60 [degrees] C enables the molecule to readjust and assume its original shape, so the researchers can begin the process again.
House Majority Leader Richard Armey suggested yesterday that the war would cause Republicans to readjust their thinking on their proposal to enact an $800 billion tax cut.
Especially for short-stay patients, is it really appropriate to change to a lower-cost dose, and then have them readjust when they go home?
The COBE requirement is fundamental to the notion that tax-free reorganizations merely readjust continuing interests in property.
This feature prevents damage to the muscle tissue by alerting the therapist when to readjust the system; if necessary, the system will automatically shut down
Abdulmohsen Al-Madaj on Tuesday issued ministerial decrees dissolving a number of shareholding companies that failed to readjust their financial and legal positions in accordance with Commercial Companies Law No.
This week we will have faced two teams with different styles and we just need to readjust but make sure we stick to our best qualities.
The Potters were shocked by the demand and are now trying to readjust the terms or the move will collapse.
According to the spokesperson of Utility Store Corporation (USC) in pursuance of the upward price trend in the market and rising of prices by the suppliers USC has to readjust the prices.