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Clicking through to its site and reading the small print reveals that this is no more than a data harvesting exercise and the only way to "qualify" to be "fully covered" for a funeral plan is to pay for it.
Reading the small print on the bags shows that it is a collecting firm not the charity itself, and a large amount has to be collected to be of any value.
The problem was, and is, that the figures around these PFI deals are so big, the detail of the payback so complex, the acronyms - PFI, PPP, NPD - so confusing, that too many of us gave up the ghost and signed without reading the small print.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The warning echoes of reading the small print are resounding for potential policy holders, when they consider buying a life insurance cover.
But after reading the small print I can see that however much these energy firms pretend to offer deals that promise to save YOU money, it will always be them that makes it in the end because they will always find a way to claw it back.
Reading the small print on this so-called 'anonymous'' survey it said that the form could be returned by post but I wasn't told about this option.
LINDA Winder saved herself from paying excess cover twice by reading the small print on her car rental contract.
On reading the small print I was amazed that it was only for a token one hour on Saturday night.
"One in ten have found themselves locked into a longer term contract than they expected by signing up without reading the small print and one in 20 have lost money by not being able to cancel or amend hotels or holidays," Skandia said.
WA R N Bill Bill Seddon, managing director of garden security firm Gardien, says people are learning very slowly about the importance of securing their items and reading the small print on their insurance policies.
In fact, you're better off reading the small print in the ingredient list on the back.
The machine was devised by a team of engineers at Strathclyde University in Glasgow for the one in five Scots found to have trouble reading the small print on food labels and medicines.
Alan Ainsworth on the importance of reading the small print
Maybe we're the ones who should be reading the small print: humanity's usage of this Earth, Gaia, is like any other economic agreement.
Mrs O'Dea added that people could save EUR320 a year just by reading the small print and shopping around.