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I'm really excited about these Championships, I feel in great shape, the readiest I have ever been," she said.
We learn the character and range of subjective experience through art, and the artistic "projection" of vicariousness is an example of what she calls the "symbolic transformation of experiences," that basic process in the human brain of which speech for most people is the readiest active termination (Langer, 1953, p.
And when we combine the rhetoric of Hindutva with the hysteria it so readily generates among Hindus, it could become the readiest killing device of contemporary times.
The most strong and healthy ages is childhood and we should planning about them and these childhood have the most readiest for mental and psychological learning (second seven years) and learning about kindness and relationship with other groups like (third seven years).
In the Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit Herder writes: "A divine economy has certainly ruled over the human species from it's first origin, and conducted him into his course the readiest way" (1808: 230).
What had changed between the two productions was, of course, the death of James V, an event which robbed Lyndsay of his master and protege and the nation of the readiest agent of political and social reform.
Indeed, the analytical distinction in legal thinking between status and contract often emerges from history as an echo of a wider socio-political implication: contract's meaning as "not status" was part of Victorians' search for an alternative system to traditional hierarchies, (50) the readiest mode, as Dicey put it, of "abolishing a whole body of antiquated institutions.
and that this Nation of England, with the inhabitants of the Nether-lands, shall be the first and readiest to transport Izraells sons and daughters in their ships to the land promised to their fore-fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for an everlasting inheritance.
Being secure from the readiest source of danger, namely our fellows' capacity for doing evil to us, would be first on any list--even if having a square meal comes a close second.
28-9), but also the way in which the speech shifts from past tense--'I brought a squadron of our readiest shot' (35)--to present: 'Thick storms of bullets rain like winter's hail,/And shivered lances dark the troubled air' (53-4).
The essays that appear to deal most directly with material experience that, by its difference, seems to provide readiest access to New Zealandness, are those that take up issues like 'Money', 'History', 'Religion' and 'Sport'.
Towards the end, it is often the most optimistic borrowers and most optimistic lenders who are still readiest to borrow and lend.
The land provides the readiest means of supplementing returns from fishing and logging, and the creation of a new class of fisherman-farmer, or logger-farmer, is the main objective of the Commission's rural reconstruction policy.
These strands of thought came to a head in January 1649, when Johanna Cartenright and Ebenezer Cartwright, an English widow and her son residing in Amsterdam, petitioned the Puritan war council "that this Nation of England, with the Inhabitants of the Nerther-lands, shall be the first and readiest to transport Izraells Sons & Daughters in their Ships to the Land promised to their fore-Fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for an everlasting Inheritance" so that "the wrath of God, will be much appeased towards you, for their [Jews'] innocent bloodshed.
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