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ready money

Cash funds that are immediately at hand to spend. I hear he has expensive taste, so if you're going to date him, be sure you've got plenty of ready money. Good thing his wife's family has plenty of ready money. I don't know how they could afford to raise a child otherwise.
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*ready (to do something)

prepared to do something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Get ready to jump! It's time to get ready to go to work.
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Moreover, firms often find that the readiest and cheapest access to
necessary benchmark, it has not precluded the readiest sweep of yet
Following Freud, Susanne Langer claims that images are "our readiest instruments for abstracting concepts from the tumbling stream of actual impressions.
The arts are indeed the practice in which indigenous people generally have found the readiest recognition in the present period.
(15) By positing a Macbeth-like usurpation of legitimate by illegitimate theater, this commentator points to melodramatic spectrality as the readiest solution to the problem of staging Shakespeare's ghosts.
And therein lies the kernel paradox of Tennysonian formalism: the poet's closest readers--conscious listeners, all of them, and readiest to recognize his conscious craft--hearken to things not-yet-conscious.
The readiest explanation for the alarming degree of disaffection is that Washington in fact fails regularly and often spectacularly.
(8.5-6) The readiest narrative explanation for this interruption is that it prevents Major's speech from becoming monotonous.
"I'm really excited about these Championships, I feel in great shape, the readiest I have ever been," she said.
That she conceives of it as ecology, however, is demonstrated by her terminology, which speaks of "complexes of feelings" and the rich intertwining "fabric of our subjective existence." As Langer suggests, in this domain of experience that tends toward ineffability we make discoveries in the same way that we make them in the outer world--that is, "by the agency of adequate symbols." We learn the character and range of subjective experience through art, and the artistic "projection" of vicariousness is an example of what she calls the "symbolic transformation of experiences," that basic process in the human brain of which speech for most people is the readiest active termination (Langer, 1953, p.
And when we combine the rhetoric of Hindutva with the hysteria it so readily generates among Hindus, it could become the readiest killing device of contemporary times.
Early modern historians worked from the assumption that "by setting before us the actes and lives of excellent men, it is the readiest way to fashion our qualities according to the same" (Hayward sig.
The most strong and healthy ages is childhood and we should planning about them and these childhood have the most readiest for mental and psychological learning (second seven years) and learning about kindness and relationship with other groups like (third seven years).
In the Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit Herder writes: "A divine economy has certainly ruled over the human species from it's first origin, and conducted him into his course the readiest way" (1808: 230).
What had changed between the two productions was, of course, the death of James V, an event which robbed Lyndsay of his master and protege and the nation of the readiest agent of political and social reform.