read somebody's mind/thoughts

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read someone's mind

Fig. to guess what someone is thinking. You'll have to tell me what you want. I can't read your mind, you know. If I could read your mind, I'd know what you expect of me.
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ˌread somebody’s ˈmind/ˈthoughts

(informal) understand what somebody is thinking, feeling, planning, etc: I can’t read your mind! If you don’t tell me what’s worrying you, I can’t help you.
See also: mind, read, thought
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Beryl Holt and Wendy Barber read thoughts about hope.
Stanley Popovich's book, A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear: Using Psychology, Christianity, and Non Resistant Methods contains easy to read thoughts on mastering phobias, fears, and anxiety disorders.
Becca King has the ability to read thoughts and this forces her to live on the run.
One-time street performer Pete Antoniou dubs himself a 'mind ninja' who has "a unique set of skills and gifts that allow him to read thoughts, pre-empt decisions people will make and influence their thought process.
All of a sudden, they could be invisible, read thoughts and even incur sexual madness.
Although most brain-computer interfaces designed to read thoughts require training, but the nine adults in the current study received no training.