read out

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read someone out (for something)

to chastise someone verbally for doing something wrong. The coach read the player out for making a silly error. She really read out the lazy players.
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read something out

to read something aloud. Please read it out so everyone can hear you. Read out the names loudly.
See also: out, read
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The instrumentation is split into two tiers, both backlit in blue and is a combination of digital and analogue read outs.
Data Read outs from Eppendorf AG's system can be evaluated with customer-friendly software that may help researchers not only comprehend the experiments but, more importantly, also corroborate whether the experiment answers their relevant biomedical issues," she adds.
And for the gadget enthusiasts there is an onboard display which not only gives the outside temperature but also altitude and air pressure read outs.
Scientists benefit from access to multiplexed cellular information including morphology, intensity, complexity and intensity of specific compartments, as well as fluorescence translocation, morphology changes, and texture analysis, among other read outs.
2015 will be a busy year in terms of our clinical programs and data read outs and this week provides an opportunity to advance our company's programs with analysts, bankers and potential development partners.
Both the Guava PCA-96 and Guava PCA are flexible, highly affordable and compact, providing high-content read outs from a single microplate well or tube, right at the benchtop.