read mind

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read (one's) mind

To know what one is thinking. You read my mind—that's exactly where I want to go to dinner! I'm sorry, but I can't read your mind. You need to tell me these things.
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read someone's mind

Fig. to guess what someone is thinking. You'll have to tell me what you want. I can't read your mind, you know. If I could read your mind, I'd know what you expect of me.
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ˌread somebody’s ˈmind/ˈthoughts

(informal) understand what somebody is thinking, feeling, planning, etc: I can’t read your mind! If you don’t tell me what’s worrying you, I can’t help you.
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By monitoring the brains of people watching movies and then re-creating what the people saw, the new release has tiptoed closer to technology that can read minds by decoding mental activities, researchers report in the Oct.
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