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read (oneself) in

Of a priest in the Anglican church, to assume possession of a benefice (a church office with fixed capital assets and subsequent revenue) by reading the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion and declaring his assent. Primarily heard in UK. A new priest must read himself in within two months of being ordained in order to be granted his new office.
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read (something) in (something)

1. Literally, to learn, understand, or become knowledgeable about something as a result of reading where it lies within a piece of writing. I read a fantastic short story in this anthology the other day. A: "Where on earth did you learn that?" B: "I read it in a science magazine while I was waiting at the dentist's office."
2. To glean, ascertain, or interpret something that is hidden or inconspicuous within something else. I thought I could read something in the way she smiled at me yesterday. I wouldn't read anything sinister in what they wrote. It's just a normal business decision like any other.
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read in

Of a computer, to acquire data from something, such as a program, and enter it into memory or storage. A noun or pronoun can be used between "read" and "in." The command triggers the operating system to allocate virtual memory so that it can read the program in.
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read something in something

to read something in particular in a some publication or document. I read an interesting article about moose in today's newspaper. Did you read that in today's newspaper?
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Johnson continued, “In addition, we have open mic nights, poetry nights, read ins, book themed birthday parties and more.
I can make a blanket statement that never has British Equity, nor the Home Office (read INS), made this difficult or set up any obstacles.