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read something in something

to read something in particular in a some publication or document. I read an interesting article about moose in today's newspaper. Did you read that in today's newspaper?
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References in classic literature ?
In 1485, when Morte d'Arthur was first printed, people indeed found it a book "pleasant to read in," and we find it so still.
But of all the books of which we have spoken this is the first which you could read in the very words in which it was written down.
Beyond these, in rapid study he may best be read in extracts.
Unless you are already familiar with 'Sartor Resartus' read in it Book II, chapters 6-9, and also if by any means possible Book III, chapters 5 and 8.
As she arose, there shot through his mind something that he had read in the etiquette books, and he stood up awkwardly, worrying as to whether he was doing the right thing, and fearing that she might take it as a sign that he was about to go.
I would say six to ten cadets joined because of what they read in the paper.
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