read from

read from something

to read [aloud] from something in particular. I will now read from a book of poetry that I like very much. I like that poem very much. What are you reading from?
See also: read
References in classic literature ?
Otherwise read from the essays named in the text or from Professor L.
She did not read from the book (for little Alice had not much skill in reading), but told the story out of her own heart and mind.
Golda, the 11-year-old golden retriever, sat next to Anthony Ruacho, 5, as he read from the book ``Go Dog.
Lastly the teacher will ask that student to read from the beginning of that sentence.
Do we empower our students to embrace literature in a personally meaningful way--do we foster a type of reading that liberates them to read from their own system of values and individual perspective--or do we reduce reading to a disciplined march into obedience and forced fealty?
Throughout the day, hundreds of authors will read from and sign copies of their latest books, with Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) officiating as the bookseller for those events.
color) Mayor James Hahn, left, and author Ray Bradbury listen to actor Joe Mantegna read from ``Fahrenheit 451'' at the One City, One Book kickoff.
The information might well assist pupils to use this as background content to understand better what will be read from a basal or library book.