read from

read from (something)

To recite the words written down in or on something. I read from the Bible as a part of my brother's wedding. Try not to read directly from the page the whole time you're giving your speech.
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read from something

to read [aloud] from something in particular. I will now read from a book of poetry that I like very much. I like that poem very much. What are you reading from?
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Lastly the teacher will ask that student to read from the beginning of that sentence.
Do we empower our students to embrace literature in a personally meaningful way--do we foster a type of reading that liberates them to read from their own system of values and individual perspective--or do we reduce reading to a disciplined march into obedience and forced fealty?
The information might well assist pupils to use this as background content to understand better what will be read from a basal or library book.