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It's designed to be a reference book; it is not meant to be read cover to cover," she continued.
I try to skim as many as possible, but the only health newsletter I read cover to cover is Women's Health Letter.
Dogs, A Kid's Book of Dog Breeds" invites readers to browse, sample, dip, or read cover to cover the fascinating stories and historical facts about 20 popular breeds of man's best friend.
Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies is a valuable resource that can be read cover to cover or used for its extensive resources.
It is one of the few publications that I still read cover to cover.
Runge says he means the book both to be read cover to cover and to serve as a quick reference in clinical practice, as a supplement to a general introductory neuroradiology text, and as a study guide for relevant certification exams.
For many of the VISION program members, SUCCESS for Teens is the first book they've read cover to cover.
It was read cover to cover, highlighted, notes written, and referenced often in the numerous papers I wrote.
While the book is not necessarily one a reader will want to sit down and read cover to cover, it is an excellent historical reference.
Every single Thursday morning I'd pick up my copy, read cover to cover within 24 hours, allowing album reviews to dictate that weekend's musical purchases.
This book is more suitable for KS2 and KS3 children who enjoy non-fiction books that they do not have to read cover to cover.
The book is best appreciated when read cover to cover, in order to fully understand the complex interrelationships between the themes focused upon in each individual chapter.
That being said, How to Win Your Tax Audit is an excellent resource to read cover to cover to prepare oneself in case the worst happens--or prior to consulting a trained legal professional in an expensive bill-by-the-hour setting
Accessible and reader-friendly, Da Vinci's Baby Boomer Survival Guide deserves to be read cover to cover by every baby boomer, and is a welcome addition to public library collections.