read as

read (someone or something) as (someone or something)

To form a particular interpretation or understanding of someone's or something's inherent nature. Because of my neutral accent, most people read me as being from the Midwest, when I actually grew up in the Bronx. A: "Didn't you think that scene was in bad taste?" B: "Huh, I read it as a satire, so I assumed that was the point." I read the story as an allegory of the dangers inherent in a plutocracy.
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read someone or something as something

to interpret someone or something as something. I read you as a quiet guy who wants to settle down and have kids. Mary read the problem as one that did not require a lot of understanding.
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References in classic literature ?
You can do as you please, but I shall keep my book on the table here and read a little every morning as soon as I wake, for I know it will do me good and help me through the day.
At 9 years old, Ethan exhibited unusually intense activity in this brain region, even when compared with older children who read as well as he did.