read about

read about (someone or something)

To glean information about someone or something by reading something. I'm reading about Abraham Lincoln, at the moment. I remember reading about a that in a magazine a few years ago.
See also: read

read about someone or something

to read information concerning someone or something. Did you read about John in the newspaper? I read about bonds, and learned a lot about finance.
See also: read
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Read about the Johns Hopkins University students and their basketball invention.
Read about the top 20 antioxidant-rich foods at: http://myhealth.
To read about the pillow-fungus research, go to the University of Manchester press release: www.
Someday, Ethan may pick up a magazine and read about how his brain compares with that of a precocious reader living halfway around the world.
But having already read about Emmett Till, they rather quickly understand that these Jim Crows were no joke.
You could see a picture of a McIntosh, read about its slightly acid tartness, its hard crispness when fresh, the glossy smoothness of its skin, the little "crack" it gives when you first bite into it.
The resulting ideas assist pupils to use oral language, engage in written work, read about similar situations or subject matter, and/or listen to the thinking of others.
A basic level of familiarity about this historical period is presumed whenever college students read about current political, international, or social events.
Because both novels are set in the same historical period, students read about many of the same events in different contexts and have an opportunity to experience relevant vocabulary items and conceptual ideas in different frameworks.
It bothers me when I read about people hurting each other, because I saw so much of that in my medical practice," he explains.
At the same time, it should come as no surprise to anyone as smart as Winfrey that her largely female television audience would respond very well to the suggestion of a book club, and not just because women read about 70 percent of the fiction published every year in America.
Over the past two dozen months I have read about 20 books for our meetings, most of which I had never read before, and many of which I certainly would not have read without the reading group.