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The best books are not read even by those who are called good readers.
Or shall I hear the name of Plato and never read his book?
If we will read newspapers, why not skip the gossip of Boston and take the best newspaper in the world at once?
While they were talking Cardenio had taken up the novel and begun to read it, and forming the same opinion of it as the curate, he begged him to read it so that they might all hear it.
"I would read it," said the curate, "if the time would not be better spent in sleeping."
"Well then, in that case," said the curate, "I will read it, if it were only out of curiosity; perhaps it may contain something pleasant."
I think I can read the writing at the beginning of the Second Part.
'There is no more that can be read, my dear fellow.
Oscar Wilde says, "If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all." Do you read books over and over?
"If your son was to read more fiction, the story is a little more complex.
Intensive Reading is also known as 'Narrow Reading', it may direct a reader to read the selected material or similarly related topic which best matches the subject or the area.
There are many reasons why many young children in Cambodia cannot read; three are most prominent:
The stigma of self-selected free reading needs to come off and young readers need to be encouraged to read what they like, in order to prevent them from giving up reading all together.
Therefore, the highest number of the participants agreed upon the strategy that they have a purpose in mind when they read any excerpt.
The theory behind self-selected reading is that students who are required to read will develop an interest to read, and will subsequently read more, if they have a vested interest in what they are reading (Krashen, 2006).