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react against someone or something

to respond negatively to someone or something. Why did she react against me so strongly? There is no need to react against the plan with such force.
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react to someone or something

to act in response to someone or something. You made some very good points. I would like to take some time to react to you. How did Mary react to the news?
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As the temperature rises, the solvents evaporate, which allows the part 1 and part 2 to react more quickly, further decreasing the benchlife of the sand mix.
When we react, the first action is to wall off the problem, to categorize it.
Moreover, pinene reacts with ozone to form pinol, which combines with water to form a hydrate that has a melting point higher than the boiling point of water.
As seen in figure 4, the acid and carbodiimide react to form an intermediate which rearranges to give an N-acyl urea.
Highly intelligent, Roboraptor is able to react to commands given to him by Robosapien V2, the successor of the 2004 mega hit Robosapien.
During the process of mold filling and drain-back, it is possible for the melt to react with the air and with the organic binder that contains carbon.
Allied Telesyn, a global provider of secure Ethernet/IP access solutions, has announced the availability of its AT-8600 series of Layer 3 Fast Ethernet switches with event-based scripting technology that allows the network to react quickly to threats and outages.
The acid vapor then reacts with any ozone that's available and destroys it.
the O will dissolve in the melt and react with the residual Mg in the molten iron.
These sensors image the world around them as 3-D contour maps, enabling the devices to react and interact with people and the environment in totally new ways.
The O in the air reacts with the exposed MgS on the side walls and above the molten iron in accordance with the following reaction:
It is plain that the insurance industry deliberately has made the situation so intolerable that the nursing home industry as a whole - good operators and bad - reacts in the expected Pavlovian way: blame the lawyers.
It reacts with many things, not just Amadori products.
If this oxide reacts with the various refractory systems, refractoriness is lowered, dropping the service temperature of the refractory.
A key area of focus for the game was devoted to the game's artificial intelligence (AI), which is the manner in which the computer reacts as the game is played.