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react against (someone or something)

To do something as a response meant to counter or thwart someone or something. It seems like the economy is reacting against the sudden overabundance of natural oil that has seen fuel prices plummet. We are not simply reacting against the senator nor his policies.
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react to (someone or something)

To do something as a response to the something or someone's actions. Our country will react swiftly and mercilessly to this outrage. My mother reacted very strongly to the news that my brother had been killed overseas. Don't react to him, Tom. He's just trying to get your attention, the way all toddlers do.
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react against someone or something

to respond negatively to someone or something. Why did she react against me so strongly? There is no need to react against the plan with such force.
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react to someone or something

to act in response to someone or something. You made some very good points. I would like to take some time to react to you. How did Mary react to the news?
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As the temperature rises, the solvents evaporate, which allows the part 1 and part 2 to react more quickly, further decreasing the benchlife of the sand mix.
Without it we can only react. Without it we cut ourselves off from our own greatest talents, from the best energies of those who work with us, from the creative power of the community from which we draw sustenance.
Ozone breaks down, however, when atomic chlorine reacts with it to form chlorine monoxide and molecular oxygen.
The Arizona "wet method" process results in partially reacted and unreacted rubber in the mix design.
Since EVA has no reactive "handles" for the hydrazide functionality, Elf Atochem reacted HA-R100 with an anhydride to raise the molecular weight, thus preventing migration and providing a resin-compatible "carrier." Other potential uses are in PP fiber and film.
Monkeys reacted to their mirror images in much different ways, de Waal's group reports in an upcoming Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
As seen in figure 4, the acid and carbodiimide react to form an intermediate which rearranges to give an N-acyl urea.
So Chelsea have regained their desire and learnt how to 'react'.
A high level of [Cl.sub.2] observed in the pump residue indicates that some gaseous, liquid and solid products of degassing can flow along the furnace launder system and react with other elements and compounds, both from the melt and the refractory material.
Other plants react to the insect polymer called chitin.
Mg becomes soluble in molten iron only after it has reacted and reached equilibrium with the sulfur (S) and oxygen (O).
When sulfur dioxide--which reacts with water vapor in the air to form sulfuric acid--wasn't abundant over Houston, the aerosols weren't so prevalent.
The O in the air reacts with the exposed MgS on the side walls and above the molten iron in accordance with the following reaction:
If this oxide reacts with the various refractory systems, refractoriness is lowered, dropping the service temperature of the refractory.
When the mammalian body reacts to LPS, the immune system goes into overdrive, releasing a flood of cytokines that produce fever, shock, and often death.