react against

react against (someone or something)

To do something as a response meant to counter or thwart someone or something. It seems like the economy is reacting against the sudden overabundance of natural oil that has seen fuel prices plummet. We are not simply reacting against the senator nor his policies.
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react against someone or something

to respond negatively to someone or something. Why did she react against me so strongly? There is no need to react against the plan with such force.
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References in classic literature ?
"I was afraid that you would react against Paul until you went over the verge."
He remembered very vividly the violence of the emotion which had possessed him and his inability, as if he were tied down to the ground with ropes, to react against it.
'After a defeat like that, a good slap because we didn't expect to lose against Uganda,let's see how we will react against Egypt in front of their own crowd,' said Mulumbu, who was part of the side that finished third in 2015.
Nisar further said the time not to react against political leaders but to unite them against our common enemy (India).
"The key moments were the first goal, it changed our confidence, and the second one was very difficult to react against a very good team."
Researchers in the US have found evidence that this can jumpstart the baby's immune defences to react against the mother's cells.
Besides, their love for humanity is evident from the fact that they never react against Israeli barbarism.
"Failing to react against previous attacks encouraged the Syrian regime to execute this new attack on Douma," he said.
Osmani assessed that Grubi should not react against VMRO and Ivanov because of the mutual past.
As the republic falls before our very eyes, one hopes that this divisive survey of American art will react against, and not just reflect, the current state of affairs.
"Europe had to react against this violation of basic principles," Merkel said.
"I kind of react against fashion because I regarded it as conformity and I don't like conformity.
Afkham urged the legal and international organizations to step in and react against such measures and force the Zionist regime to stop its criminal acts against Palestinian inmates and respect national sovereignty of the Palestinian government.