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react against someone or something

to respond negatively to someone or something. Why did she react against me so strongly? There is no need to react against the plan with such force.
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react to someone or something

to act in response to someone or something. You made some very good points. I would like to take some time to react to you. How did Mary react to the news?
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Do not silently accept the terrorism of states and governments as you would react to the terrorism of organizations and groups.
React has been working on the Re-trans project for the past three years.
Go React is Asia's data-driven digital relationship marketing expert.
Consequently, some motorists panic and react impulsively, often risking their safety and that of other road users.
The interface with OnGuard and REACT automates and manages communications based on security events," said Luis Orbegoso, President of Lenel.
Similarly, in March, prior to national retail availability, 5 REACT gum offered 100,000 Facebook fans the chance to try the new variety of either 5 REACT Mint or 5 REACT Fruit.
The pounds 61m Welsh Assembly Government ReAct scheme is backed with pounds 24m from the European Social Fund.
The REACT (REmote ACcess Technology) system will be standard on all new EPIC Ill systems and will enable Davis-Standard process engineers and technicians to support customers worldwide in real time without a service call.
Summary: Reacting to Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik's statement,India on Thursday said that New Delhi would react to Pakistan's response to its dossier on Mumbai terror attacks after receiving it formally and studying it.
Hint: In this sense, react is usually used with against.
Cllr Tony Robertson was critical of the short space of time councillors had to react to the proposal and said it was "sad" people accused Sefton of being opposed to the stadium or Kirkby's regeneration.
Strategic support from Business Link in the West Midlands has enabled software and network provider Electronic Business Systems develop its ReACT software package for use by landlords who want to keep track of anti-social behaviour.
Activists say the ad and the Web site demean male-to-male intimacy by having the two mechanics react violently once they have discovered what they have done and because the ad shows some NFL players reacting to the kiss with disgust.
The ReACT process is a multi-pollutant control technology that has been shown to "significantly" reduce emissions at coal-fired power plants, according to the project partners who had that it has been used commercially in Japan "and achieved impressive results.