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react against (someone or something)

To do something as a response meant to counter or thwart someone or something. It seems like the economy is reacting against the sudden overabundance of natural oil that has seen fuel prices plummet. We are not simply reacting against the senator nor his policies.
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react to (someone or something)

To do something as a response to the something or someone's actions. Our country will react swiftly and mercilessly to this outrage. My mother reacted very strongly to the news that my brother had been killed overseas. Don't react to him, Tom. He's just trying to get your attention, the way all toddlers do.
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react against someone or something

to respond negatively to someone or something. Why did she react against me so strongly? There is no need to react against the plan with such force.
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react to someone or something

to act in response to someone or something. You made some very good points. I would like to take some time to react to you. How did Mary react to the news?
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The Phase I trial demonstrated that ReACT was well tolerated by patients with moderate to severe diabetic kidney disease.
Founded in 2011 and headquartered Seattle, React Mobile is the leading panic button platform that helps people call for help in emergencies.
React to those who grow more and more corrupt with each passing day by lending support to the ongoing crimes, injustice, unlawfulness, pressures and oppression.
The first project React initiated was Re-trans, which focuses on teaching language students to translate foreign movies to Arabic.
According to Go React CEO Paul Hourihane, the purpose of the white paper is to help marketing leaders in any organisation.
If you determine your authentic core values and reflect on those, you'll have a code of conduct to live by that helps you make conscious decisions rather than react to emotional scripts.
Nick Smith, group manager for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: "Our firefighters and on-call officers undergo extensive training to prepare them for emergency response driving, however, there is little guidance available for the public on how to react when faced with an emergency vehicle on a blue light run.
For example, 5 gum launched, which uses 3D animation to explore 5 REACT Mint and 5 REACT Fruit.
Mice can react with allergy symptoms ranging from a rash to death from anaphylaxis when fed eggs.
Mae'r fenter newydd -Dawson Shanahan (Wales) Ltd -sy'n cael ei rhedeg o hen safle Floform ym Mharc Menter L'n Henfaes, wedi elwa ar amryfal fesurau cymorth a gyflwynwyd gan Lywodraeth y Cynulliad Cymru, gan gynnwys y cynllun ReACT sy'n rhoi arian i gyflogwyr hyfforddi staff newydd sydd wedi colli'u swyddi.
Redknapp said: "I told him 15 times, before the game and at half-time, 'don't react, don't react, don't react.
The REACT (REmote ACcess Technology) system will be standard on all new EPIC Ill systems and will enable Davis-Standard process engineers and technicians to support customers worldwide in real time without a service call.
Summary: Reacting to Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik's statement,India on Thursday said that New Delhi would react to Pakistan's response to its dossier on Mumbai terror attacks after receiving it formally and studying it.
Cllr Tony Robertson was critical of the short space of time councillors had to react to the proposal and said it was "sad" people accused Sefton of being opposed to the stadium or Kirkby's regeneration.