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reach someone

1. Lit. to travel up to or as far as someone. Iran until I reached her just in time to save her from going over the cliff.
2. Fig. to manage to be understood by someone; to have one's message appreciated by someone. If we could only reach them with our message, we might be able to convince them to stay in school.
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Northwest reaches tentative pact with attendants: Northwest Airlines reached a tentative agreement with its flight attendants union Wednesday.
New Lining or Shave Repair--Continue to raise the temperature at 200F/hr until the bath reaches 2900F.
Whenever an athlete reaches a point of momentary muscular failure and cannot perform all of the reps in the set, he is not excused.
Winds from the north normally invade the Antarctic stratosphere in October and November, replenishing lost ozone before the most intense sunlight reaches the southern hemisphere.
Many manufacturers offer several different front linkages with varying maximum reaches for each scrap handler model.
Reaching movements made by patients with left-hemisphere damage are markedly disorganized, Goodale points out; reaches made by patients with right-hemisphere lesions are comparable to those of healthy controls, although the former group takes much longer to initiate a reach.