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reach (one) (something)

informal To grasp something and pass it to another person with an outstretched hand. Hey, Tom, could you reach me that book, please?
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reach someone

1. Lit. to travel up to or as far as someone. Iran until I reached her just in time to save her from going over the cliff.
2. Fig. to manage to be understood by someone; to have one's message appreciated by someone. If we could only reach them with our message, we might be able to convince them to stay in school.
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For a class of nonlinear time-delay systems with bounded disturbances, a new approach to obtain the smallest box which bounds all reachable sets was proposed in [28].
For this case, we have the following necessary and sufficient condition for the reachable set bounding of system (1).
with respect to Eps and Minpts if there is an object O [member of] D such that both p and q are density reachable from o with respect to Eps and Minpts.
Overall satisfaction = 4.449--0.201 safety and efficiency--0.175 ease of use + 0.344 cleanliness-0.023 Price Value--0.280 reachable attraction +0.122 difficulty to reach.
The size and shape of the reachable workspace of 2-UPS+UP PM are restricted by the following factors: (1) limitation of universal joint; (2) limitation of the branch length; (3) interference among the branches.
Reachable jumps on the shifting trends of sales techniques to improve the quality of leads and, by extension, the success rate of sales representatives.
It consolidates the contacts from various sources, grouping them together to discover the best path between the right people from your company to theirs, "leveraging the relationships of trusted colleagues." Reachable then folds in a customer relationship management system to rank the relationships to identify the best connection path to the "people you need to know."
The airline has shortlisted the four cities because they are reachable within four hours from Kansai International Airport -- a condition the airline has set for opening new routes.
Reachable Solutions, 828349-9619,,
The set of reachable configurations has a lattice structure and some other interesting properties, see [CMP02] and [LMMP01].
Mine is that there should be one large, well-maintained football pitch in each locality that is easily and safely reachable.
16th - Par 4, 335-yards: This hole plays in the opposite direction of the 3rd, so one of them should be reachable.
"President Jacob Zuma does not have a personal Facebook account and is only reachable through the Presidency Facebook page and his personal Twitter account," Zuma's spokesperson Zizi Kodwa clarified.
The "network prefixes" that remained reachable on Friday included those belonging to the Syrian government, although Renysys added that many government websites were "slow to respond or down".
On the other hand, Renesys said that the reachable one-third networks belonged to the Syrian government.