reach toward

reach toward (someone or something)

1. To extend or stretch one's hands out in the direction of someone or something. I reached toward the sky to show the officer that I was unarmed. The patient reached toward the nurse, begging her for a glass of water.
2. To extend or stretch something out in the direction of someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "reach" and "toward." He reached his hand toward the foreign dignitary in a gesture of peace and friendship. I began reaching the branch toward the bees' nest try to knock it down from the roof of the porch.
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reach toward someone or something

to aim one's reach to someone or something. Sam reached toward Walter and took hold of his shoulder. He reached toward the apple but withdrew his hand when he saw it was rotten.
See also: reach, toward
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References in classic literature ?
Then he extended them as far as he could reach toward our travelers and found he could almost touch the Scarecrow--but not quite.
"Wicked, wicked Darzee!" said Nag, lashing up as high as he could reach toward the nest in the thorn-bush.
Kim said its shares could reach toward 3 million won.
I like that they look almost thrown together, like they have a lot of energy in them." In May, Alvarez will attempt to push the process's limits even further for a live installation at Sweden's Gustavsbergs Konsthall, where he'll spend four months building an abstract thread wrapped structure that will reach toward the space's 20-foot ceiling; the designer will improvise the shape as he creates it.
As your subconscious mind remembers your WIG and lead measures, you will begin to change your behavior to reach toward the next level.
The common denominator for all of us is our willingness to reach toward one another in camaraderie.
In his conclusion to Catholic Spiritual Practices, co-editor Groome points out the appropriateness of the term "practice" relative to spirituality: "Good prayer practices and spiritual exercises will help to sustain our reach toward fullness of faith, to approximate the holiness of God.
'This new branch office complements our existing Northern Virginia offices, offering more convenience to our new and existing clients in Springfield and Annandale and extending our reach toward Alexandria and southern Fairfax County.'
Many people reach toward the back of the fresh-produce shelf to find the freshest salad greens with the latest expiration dates.
Many people reach toward the back of the fresh produce shelf to find the freshest salad greens with the latest expiration dates.
It would be difficult to explain why infants who are blind would reach toward specific familiar sounds, those of the presented objects, and not also toward other familiar sounds that surround them.
Preliminary plans for this property, in keeping with the town's character, include ground floor retail facing the waterfront and street with L-shaped wings that reach toward the water.
Girard (Glasgow High School) and Aukshun (Billings West High School) collect activities from the past 30 years of the journal Mathematics Teacher, designed to support teachers as they reach toward the vision of mathematics teaching and learning described in NCTM's Principles and Standards.
Graeve's two columns (postwar sound reproduction being, of course, stereo) differ from Marclay's mash-up of readymade and monument by encompassing another facet of the strategy of "placement" that Rosalind Krauss once described as the "area of almost insidious overlap between Brancusi and Duchamp." In ICNINN III, the contingency of placement is registered visually, in the towers' reach toward the air-conditioning duct, and aurally, by wiring the metal grate to amplify the knocks, pings, and whoosh of ventilation.
This selection of "Activities" from NCTM's Mathematics Teacher journal, whose topics range from slope and volume to nonperiodic tilings and the methods of voting, was chosen to help teachers as they reach toward the vision of mathematics teaching and learning as described in NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.