reach stride

reach (one's) stride

1. To start traveling or moving at a consistent, maintainable, and fast speed or pace. We started out the run slow but reached our stride as we came to the park.
2. To become proficient, comfortable, or confident doing something. Once you reach your stride at your new job, I'm sure your boss will be very impressed with you. It took me a while to get used to writing non-fiction, but I feel like I'm really reaching my stride now.
See also: reach, stride

reach one's stride

 and hit one's stride
to do something at one's best level of ability. When I reach my stride, things will go faster, and I'll be more efficient. Now that I've hit my stride, I can work more efficiently.
See also: reach, stride
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Wilson suspects that wild cats may be able to reach stride frequencies of 4strides/s, which, in combination with longer stride lengths, may allow them to outstrip their captive cousins and hit top speeds of 29m/s.