reach an accord

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reach an accord (with someone)

 and reach an agreement (with someone)
to come to an agreement with someone. I hope that we can reach an accord with the union so work can start again. We will try one more time to reach an agreement with you. We reached an agreement and signed a contract.
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are heading to arbitration after the parties were unable to reach an agreement Wednesday evening on a concessionary accord to help the carrier emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
One possibility that has been broached is pushing back the start of free-agent season in order to give the parties more time to reach an agreement, but both the NFLPA and the league said Tuesday there are no plans to do so.
If each spouse's return is prepared by a different CPA firm, the spouses and their tax advisers should discuss the allocation of the payments and try to reach an agreement, to avoid an IRS notice.
Speaking to reporters earlier this week, John Brock warned that, if Interbrew does not reach an agreement in its court case with FEMSA, Mexico's second-largest brewer, Labatt might not be included in the move.
When the parties reach an agreement under this option, Appeals exercises its settlement authority to accept the settlement.
LADWP is pleased to reach an agreement in principle to support the expansion of critical transmission capacity into Southern California, while protecting the rights and value of these assets for our customers," said Enrique Martinez, LADWP chief operating officer - power.
The Hornets and Floyd must reach an agreement that would be financially viable for Floyd, who essentially is being paid for not working.
Joe Boyle, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are very pleased that we have been able to reach an agreement with the holders of our notes that resolves their default status.
Negotiations on a new contract for Dodgers manager Jim Tracy appear to have turned contentious over the club's unwillingness to guarantee a third year, leaving a slight possibility the two sides won't reach an agreement.
With continued dialogue, both sides were able to reach an agreement.
We consider this news very promising and expect to be able to reach an agreement without a work stoppage,'' said Walt Sharp, spokesman for San Antonio, Texas-based SBC.
UI is very pleased to reach an agreement with the City of Bridgeport.
We'd be very happy not to cut that tree down, but we need to reach an agreement quickly.
We are very honored to reach an agreement with Faurecia, a true leader in the automotive supply industry," stated Flexpoint's CEO Clark Mower.
DirecTV had broadcast wrestling events as a satellite provider, but the two companies had been unable to reach an agreement on a new contract.