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Chemical control measures such as REACH would also decrease chemical-related health care costs.
But in its analysis of REACH, the WWF argues that small and medium-sized enterprises will survive because, whereas the old system requires no testing of grandfathered chemicals and thus discourages innovation, REACH will level the playing field by subjecting all chemicals to the same standards for registration and testing based on production volume.
The chemical industry supports the idea of replacing the current arbitrary and cumbersome system, but some industry representatives think REACH goes too far.
Chamber of Commerce, have mounted major lobbying campaigns to ease REACH's impact on business, asserting that REACH would cause widespread unemployment, deal a body blow to the U.
NGOs including the WWF, Friends of the Earth, and Greenpeace, both individually and through the umbrella European Environmental Bureau--which is accredited to have input into EU deliberations--argue that REACH, although a major step forward in protecting human and ecosystem health, has been diluted by industry pressure.
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By providing the most flexibility for capacity as optical networks evolve, TrueWave REACH fiber leaves an open migration path for carriers to grow into the network technologies they find most cost-effective as those technologies continue to develop.
Executives from Radio One and Reach will hold a conference call later this morning to discuss this acquisition.
Reach Media, founded by radio personality, philanthropist and entrepreneur Tom Joyner, is a multi-media company formed in January 2003 as the parent company of The Tom Joyner Morning Show(R) and several other businesses that target African-Americans through radio, television, event production, and the Internet.