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reach someone

1. Lit. to travel up to or as far as someone. Iran until I reached her just in time to save her from going over the cliff.
2. Fig. to manage to be understood by someone; to have one's message appreciated by someone. If we could only reach them with our message, we might be able to convince them to stay in school.
References in classic literature ?
As far as the eye could reach gorgeous forest and crimson sward skirted a silent sea, and about all towered the brilliant monster guardian cliffs.
I had been so paralyzed by surprise that I had made no move to reach the deck during the awe-inspiring scene which I had just witnessed, and now I was to be still further amazed by her next act, for Phaidor extended her hand to me and assisted me to the deck, where I stood gazing at her in unconcealed and stupefied wonderment.
Yes, yes,' he exclaimed; 'the streams all run in the same direction, and must necessarily flow into the valley before they reach the sea; all we have to do is just to follow this stream, and sooner or later it will lead us into the vale.
The quicker you go, the quicker you will reach safety.
Also if by chance we should reach this place, and find diamonds, they shall belong to you and Good equally.
REACH will replace 40 different EU-level regulations and will apply to both domestically manufactured and imported chemicals, and, to a lesser extent, to those products made from them that expose humans or the environment to chemicals of concern.
REACH requires registration of all chemicals marketed at annual volumes above 1 metric ton per manufacturer or importer; this is estimated to be 30,000 substances.
REACH explicitly invokes the precautionary principle--that when scientific evidence suggests a substance may harm human health or the environment but the type or magnitude of harm is not yet known, it is preferable not to use the substance until the scientific questions are resolved.