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recollect (oneself)

To remember or become aware of one's purpose, intention, or situation, especially after a momentary interruption, diversion, or distraction; to become recomposed. The protestor's chants threw the presentation into chaos for a moment, but the speaker soon recollected himself and carried on as before. She appeared to drift off into thought halfway through her story, before recollecting herself and picking up where she left off.
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re-collect (oneself)

To become composed again, especially after one has been flustered or confused.
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Re-Collecting Black Hawk puts forth a provocative and thorough examination of how a historical Sac and Fox leader has been reduced to a footnote.
Clarifying who I am involves discovering early introjections and dis-identifying with them, discovering all the many projections and re-collecting them, and discovering the other psychical subjects who populate the unconscious and forming alliances with them.
"Re-Collecting Soldiers: Walt Whitman and the Appreciation of Human Value." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 27 (Winter 2010), 127-152.
Hastie's tour-de-force reading of the dollhouse not only identifies the links between 1920s Hollywood and Moore's fantastic structure/collection (at once resembling a movie set, a picture palace, a star's mansion, and William Randolph Hearst's San Simeon), but also explores how Moore in her castle has left clues for the re-collecting of her own history.
So now, in 2008, we are starting to see CMS's adjustment processes increase with emphasis on re-collecting Medicare dollars.
Selves in Question is divided into an Introduction and ten sections called "Singing the Praises, Performing the Persona", "Representing Silence", "Relating the Self", "Fact or Fiction", "Subject to Metaphor", "From Daughters to Mothers", "Disarming White Men", "Commemoration, Confession, Conversion", "Confessing Sexualities" and "Re-collecting the New Nation".
The cost of re-collecting unacceptable samples reflects wasted real dollars incurred to rectify the non-conforming first sample.
While the logistics of loaning, maintaining, and re-collecting more than 9,600 laptops are formidable (see "Laptop Management: How It Works," page 34), Owen says the bigger job for her is getting teachers to build their lessons around the technology.
But as Woods was re-collecting himself with a birdie on the 12th, the Scot was missing an important putt on the 13th.
Woolpert addresses discrepancies on the punch list by revisiting a site, re-collecting data, or reshooting a photo.
"Re-: Re-Flecting, Re-Membering, Re-Collecting, Re-Selecting, Re-Warding, Re-Wording, Re-Iterating, Re-et-Cetra-Ing (in) Hegel." Postmodern Culture 5, no.
He seeks to find out where that is and whether it is worth re-collecting ...
Lew contributes an informative, thought-provoking essay on Chung's poetics that's unfortunately rife with clunky cultural studies jargon ("the poet's re-collecting intervention in...deterritorializing rapaciousness").
But when measured against the expense of storing and growing out seed, re-collecting samples from well-catalogued in situ preserves in response to requests may be economically feasible.
In addition, lost or stolen cards can be canceled and changed without the expense and time of retaking a photo and re-collecting information.