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recollect (oneself)

To remember or become aware of one's purpose, intention, or situation, especially after a momentary interruption, diversion, or distraction; to become recomposed. The protestor's chants threw the presentation into chaos for a moment, but the speaker soon recollected himself and carried on as before. She appeared to drift off into thought halfway through her story, before recollecting herself and picking up where she left off.
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re-collect (oneself)

To become composed again, especially after one has been flustered or confused.
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For instance, we observed that among the Shona; elders were the fountains of knowledge which they had re-collected from their past experiences and that knowledge was a product of induction while knowledge according to Plato was a function of the mind as it negotiated its way from imagination right through to perfect knowledge.
petals, stamens, pollen), other differences may come to light when good living specimens of this mysterious taxon are re-collected.
This sense of innovation casts him as the genuine reformer of the Classical Renaissance tradition over and against Marino's sense of passivity of the hero: Adone fatalistically confronts the burden of the past and the stifling heaviness of the esthetic relics re-collected in the museum, and he ultimately surrenders to it, as his epic poem Adone (superbly) exemplifies.
Monitoring of cortisol during the catheterization procedure allows any improperly collected adrenal samples to be immediately re-collected, thus reducing the frequency of repeat procedures and thereby reducing the cost as well as the discomfort to the patient and avoiding delay in diagnosis.
Ligumia nasutawere re-collected at 08:00 h and held in the aerated tank.
Heidar Helguson sprayed the ball out wide to Jimmy Bullard, making his full debut after a summer move from Wigan, and it was the Fulham striker who re-collected the ball on the edge of the box where his deflected shot off Rio Ferdinand looped over Edwin Van der Sar and into the United goal.
It thus seems to us that there is no principled difference between the 'original' 'meditations' of and in Being and Event and the varied articles re-collected in other volumes and other languages: all are part of the ongoing act of system, whether or not Badiou himself actually envisaged these articles one day sitting together in an English translation.
And in some cases governments gave civilians guns that were re-collected after the killing.
The shot can be deleted and re-collected in the field-instant QA.
Its optical path is relatively simple: full-spectrum light passing through an excitation filter is reflected by the dichromatic mirror into the objective lens to illuminate the sample; the excited sample emits fluorescent light, which is re-collected by the objective lens and passed through the emission filter to the camera.
Much of this material could never be re-collected because it has come from Seed Savers members who have since passed away and from areas in countries that are now involved in civil strife.
Their speeches play the divide between a public Blackness and a secret African brotherhood, between race as a social signifier and race as a privately felt experience, and between the particulars of a general Masonic history and the potential energy of a re-collected genealogy.
There are books on book collecting, books to be re-collected, periodicals, manuscripts, type documents, runs of magazines and so on, all of it fascinating.
After the wash and rinse cycles, all the carbon dioxide is distilled and re-collected.