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raze (something) to the ground

To completely demolish or destroy something until it is nothing but rubble on the ground. We've decided to raze this rickety old building to the ground. The wildfire ravaged the mountain town, razing countless buildings to the ground.
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raze something to the ground

to tear down something, usually a building, to ground level. The council decided to raze the old city hall to the ground. This building is to be razed to the ground.
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Mohammad Amira, coordinator of the Ni'lin village anti-settlement commission, told WAFA that protesters from the villages of Ni'lin and Deir Qeddis were able to prevent Israeli bulldozers from razing a land near the two villages.
Jaber said that this area is targeted by settlers and forces, through razing of land and the confiscation of irrigation pipes, in an attempt to prevent farmers from cultivating their land located near the settlement in order to seize it for the benefit of settlement expansion.
HEBRON, March 22, 2016 (WAFA) - Israeli forces embarked on razing a 40-dunum land near Idna town, to the west of Hebron, according to local sources.
Three years ago I planted dozens of seedlings and built a well and I fenced the land to protect the plants." He added, "Israeli occupation surprised us this morning of razing the land, and destroying the seedlings on claims it belongs to the property of the 'State of Israel', according to claims of the staff of the Israel's Civil Administration who oversaw the raze process."
He said the razing by the municipality violates even the Israeli law.
Eyewitnesses said that settlers began razing land near the settlement of Maskiot, north of the Jordan Valley, and Elon Moreh, northeast of Nablus.
Eliezer Coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, Ahmad Salah, said that the razing process included five acres belonged to Riziq Mohammad Salah in al-Abasiyeh area, adjacent to settlement.
razing land, digging for ruins, in addition to uprooting trees.
PNNThe Israeli Bulldozers have started razing farmlands in Al-Walajeh village northwest Bethlehem.The Mayor of Al-Walajeh, Salah Khalifeh, informed that a large number of Israeli soldiers accompanied with bulldozers invaded the village at 5p.m and strictly closed it before starting razing farmlands in the northeast part of the village where they already have uprooted around 100 olive, fig and almond trees to continue the construction of the apartheid wall.
Knesset Member Talab El-Sana (United Arab List-Ta'al) and Iman Udah (Hadash party) were both present for the second razing. El-Sana barricaded himself in one of the structures and reportedly lost consciousness and was taken to Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva for treatment, according to YNet.
Samara said Israeli bulldozers, protected by Israeli soldiers, began razing land in an area northwest of the town.
He told WAFA that Israeli bulldozers razed land in areas in Taqqou' adjacent to Roman settlement, adding that the razing most likely aims to take over the land and steal it, in order to open a road linking Taqou' and Roman settlements.
The area around the town of Yatta has been repeatedly targeted with demolitions of residences and tents, as well as razing agricultural land to deport the area residents for settlements expansion.
One of the land owners, Ali Yousef, said that when farmers entered their land they were surprised to find a number of settlers from a nearby settlement razing their land and uprooting their trees and when they tried to stop the settlers, Israeli forces asked them to leave the area.
QALAILYA, February 6, 2012 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces Monday severely beat a Palestinian elderly in Kufr Qaddoum, a town east of Qalqilya in the northern West Bank, while he was trying to stop Israeli bulldozers from razing the village's land, according to a Palestinian activist.