raving mad/bonkers

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(stark) raving mad

Totally crazy or eccentric; filled with an excessive amount of emotion, especially anger or excitement. I know you'll probably think I'm raving mad, but I sold all my possessions and am moving to a small village in China. The announcement drove fans stark raving mad, as it will be the first new album the band has released in over 10 years. The boss is stark raving bonkers after I bungled the expense reports.
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(stark) raving ˈmad/ˈbonkers

(informal) completely crazy; suddenly very angry with somebody: Are you stark raving mad, jumping off a moving train?When I told her I’d crashed her car, she went stark raving bonkers.
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Alarmel Valli performs the poetry of Annamacharya at Stark Raving Mad, 2012.
The lady across the street went stark raving mad which is a
However, when Aunt Gillian reveals that Hillside Manor is merely the earthly manifestation of Galadria, a magical realm that she rules and hopes one day to pass to him, he concludes, quite sensibly, that she is "stark raving mad!" The truth becomes all too clear, however, when Peter's succession to the throne is contested by Knor, a vitriolic pretender from the House of Shadowray.
But let's not go raving mad just because you're itching to open all of the shiny new packets of seeds that you've bought.
I think we can safely assume the world has finally gone raving mad.
With most people facing pay cuts or wage freezes, the idea of a 12% increase in salary is something they can only dream about." Alicol "What planet are these people from and has our world gone stark raving mad?" CardiKardiff "Gobsmacked how a marxist union leader in Bob Crow can reject a 12% pay increase for his members and screw up the travel plans of Welsh rugby fans cynically on the busiest day of the rugby calender." Colinw "Wish I'd left school early and drove a train for a living rather than having spent years in education to work in IT as I'm still not earning pounds 40k a year at the moment.
"The whole thing smacks of political correctness gone stark raving mad.
Just rotate the magnetic dial on Knight & Hale's new Tirade ($44.99; www.knightandhale.com) box call to locate the perfect pitch for driving lustful spring gobblers raving mad with desire.
As I recall, John Smith managed it by announcing detailed plans for thumping tax increases, while his leader Neil Kinnock went raving mad and held a triumphalist rally in an arena in Sheffield that turned the nation's collective stomach.
Meanwhile a grande dame of French stage and screen, Isabelle Huppert, goes raving mad in her underwear in another monumental female theatrical role, in a radical version of Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire."
As you might imagine, I ran into a bit of difficulty in this area while researching an article on "Invigorating Channel Sales." It's fair to say I went stark raving mad, especially when I started leveraging my spend before I resorted to eating my own dog food.
Actually it made me stark, raving mad! It is beyond my comprehension why people are so cruel.
HAVE the BBC gone stark raving mad, pulling the plug on Last of the Summer Wine; the best programme on TV?
When she saw the news coverage of the convention she was outraged: "The eleven o'clock news made the whole conference look like we were stark raving mad. That was the day I said, 'I'm joining NOW.
Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the U.S., Brisbane yachtsman Peter Harburg has purchased the 66-footer, Stark Raving Mad, in California with the intention of campaigning her at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.