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Obscene, especially in a lewd or vulgar manner. The director seems more interested in making a shocking, raunchy movie than a coherent and enjoyable one. His whole comedy set is just one raunchy joke after , from beginning to end.
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and raunchie and ronchie (ˈrɑntʃi)
1. mod. crude; tasteless; bad. He told a very raunchy story at the party.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Those guys were raunchy as hell.
3. mod. sick; ill. After I ate dinner, my stomach felt a little raunchie, so I went home.
4. mod. untidy; unclean. We decided to leave the raunchy movie about halfway through.


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raunchy Eleanor swaps Poldark role to strip with Keira "
Kylie Minogue was recently criticised after she appeared in raunchy footage to accompany her single Sexercise, while Rihanna's S&M video contained scenes of "sexual bondage, dominance and sadomasochism" - and even led to a warning from watchdog Ofcom to broadcasters.
In the episode a divorced Saudi father of four who works for the national airline, Mazen Abdul-Jawad, described an active and raunchy sex life and showed sex toys that were blurred by the station in the footage shown on TV.
It is a raunchy, depressing and deplorable Christmas movie with more than 250 obscenities.' The Children's Rights Council has called on Disney boss Michael Eisner to resign.
International rower Tom James,from Coedpoeth, leaves little to the imagination in a raunchy calendar out now
For 11 years, Dan Savage has written "Savage Love," a highly entertaining, wildly raunchy syndicated sex advice column.
A new figure of the Aussie star pouts on all fours to welcome fans to an exhibition at Madame Tussaud's, inspired by her raunchy stage routines.
* Raunchy pop singer Gloria Trevi, alias "the Mexican Madonna," fled to Brazil in July 1999 after being accused of joining her manager and lover Sergio Andrade in kidnapping and sexually corrupting young girls.
Dancers gyrated in minimal coverage and fishnets to one pouty number, "Turn On," which includes declarations of being "hot" and descriptions of ready "pink flesh," recalling the raunchy New Wave lyrics of Berlin's "Sex." The sauciness is part of the reason their act has gained such momentum--that and the appeal of the increasingly complex game of connecting the dots between FS's disparate pop-culture references.
Allee also evoked the early days of the, 42nd Street Development, when Times Square was known for a raunchy street life.
For a film that is all about sex, there is something delightfully tender about Leslye Headland's low-budget comedy-drama (she made 2012's raunchy Bachelorette).
RAUNCHY Rita Ora is no shrinking violet - especially in this sheer purple top.
TWERKING pop star Miley Cyrus has defended her raunchy stage shows - insisting her young fans should be aware of sex.