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Obscene, especially in a lewd or vulgar manner. The director seems more interested in making a shocking, raunchy movie than a coherent and enjoyable one. His whole comedy set is just one raunchy joke after , from beginning to end.
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and raunchie and ronchie (ˈrɑntʃi)
1. mod. crude; tasteless; bad. He told a very raunchy story at the party.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Those guys were raunchy as hell.
3. mod. sick; ill. After I ate dinner, my stomach felt a little raunchie, so I went home.
4. mod. untidy; unclean. We decided to leave the raunchy movie about halfway through.


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Although you should be prepared for its raunchiness, it starts off as brightly as Matilda on steroids.
While we're not expecting anything quite so near the knuckle as Tipping The Velvet, or even The Singing Detective, the subject matter of The Crimson Petal and the White does suggest we're going to have a bit of raunchiness every now and then.
The two sang a duet together during the X Factor finals and caused controversy over its raunchiness.
In each case, the lowborn patrons who flocked to see it were drawn because it re-asserted a feminine raunchiness which had featured in 'low' entertainments as far back as Australia's convict years.
They love the sexiness, the raunchiness and the fun of these girls beating the c*** out of each other," she adds.
Or its tone--the monstrous view of her in "roustin' yo jaws," such a descent from her earlier "smile"--clashed with the romance of desire which so far hasn't been compromised by her being a woman "that money will buy." The Sheiks' recording, at a quick-walk 130 beats per minute, is jaunty and self-possessed in its raunchiness. Dylan's performance, a stroll more than a third slower at eighty beats per minute, has the sound of a sultry and unrelenting seduction in which carressiveness and coarseness are evenly balanced.
But whereas Sophie Tucker (along with the streetwise raunchiness of Pearl Williams, Belle Barth, and Patsy Abbot) performed in the limited space of nightclubs and comedy LP albums, Rivers did her parodies on national TV, testing the medium's limits.
Venus and Mars are the planets of love and raunchiness, yet they are aggravating one another.
In black clubs, she says, "The dancers find themselves treated as service merchandise, ordered to bend over and provide spread shots [glimpses of the vagina] while they shake and gyrate." In white clubs, though, "these same black men.., check their raunchiness at the door with both black and white dancers."
Billed as Burlesque babe Scarlet Fever, the star of the Channel 4 TV show Faking It will make a special appearance at St Lleurwg's Church Hall, Hirwaun, on Saturday where she plans on leading a lesson in "red-hot raunchiness".
Leaving behind the raunchiness of his calypso career, Ras Shorty I in the latter part of his life created Jamoo, which utilizes a blend of AfroCaribbean and Indo-Trinidadian styles to promote Trinidadian nationalism and traditional moral and cultural values.
Sales of such lingerie are scantier than they were three years ago, but merchants such as Samer are loath to blame global economic problems on a reduction in raunchiness.
It's Massenet's fault they're too long, but in Doucet's hands were at least lively and boisterous--with even a touch of raunchiness among Thais's retinue.
Apatow both continues that trend, concocting new lows in raunchiness, while also preaching ever more openly his traditional values of monogamy, sobriety, and industry.
The collection includes Greek vases, coins and terracottas, and scrapbooks stuffed full of the world's raunchiness. Miniatures from the Kama Sutra share pages with obscure drawings, including a bizarre Aphrodite borne by a phalli-drawn chariot.