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Obscene, especially in a lewd or vulgar manner. The director seems more interested in making a shocking, raunchy movie than a coherent and enjoyable one. His whole comedy set is just one raunchy joke after , from beginning to end.
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and raunchie and ronchie (ˈrɑntʃi)
1. mod. crude; tasteless; bad. He told a very raunchy story at the party.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Those guys were raunchy as hell.
3. mod. sick; ill. After I ate dinner, my stomach felt a little raunchie, so I went home.
4. mod. untidy; unclean. We decided to leave the raunchy movie about halfway through.


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POUTING raunchily and tugging playfully at her bikini bottoms, it's hard to believe she's modelling for Marks and Spencer.
The gender-bending Portugeezer who confounded her critics when she snatched the reality TV show title and pounds 63,500 prize raunchily revealed what will really get her rocks off.
On seeing a copy of W magazine, in which she and Butler pose raunchily together on the cover, the actress laughed and joked to Letterman: "Are you disappointed?" (ANI)
So under a neon Club Kitten sign, Natasha Hamilton, Liz McLarnon and Jenny Frost gyrate raunchily to Right Now, then dip into Madonna's classic, Holiday, to liven things up.
Matthews was chosen as one of the 50 pop stars featured in the National Portrait Gallery's recent exhibition of photographs, Prince Charles has declared his admiration for her, she sang for Bill Clinton (at Hay literary festival in 2001) and has duetted raunchily with Tom Jones.
But before her victims try to escape in terror, she raunchily peels off her clothes to reveal her curves.
-STUNNED even the experienced photographer with her eagerness to appear full-frontal for raunchily provocative pictures.
Now Haryana is likely to go polls with Maharashtra and Raunchily Pradesh, scheduled to be held in October or November.
Now we're going to have to re-think the fluffy Ryan from endless rom-coms like Sleepless In Seattle and You've Got Mail as she re-invents herself radically and raunchily in this explicit adult thriller.
We are up to our pop socks in the boring Britney Spears culture where 35-year-old Kylie Minogue is applauded for cavorting raunchily on stage in hotpants.
Susan Oudot's raunchily written romp about five Cockney schoolgirl ravers reassembling for the wedding of their most notorious chum could be the biggest box blockbuster since Reckless.
The glamour model, 31, raunchily cavorted with the semi-naked, muscled cagefighter in the grounds of an exclusive golf resort in Spain as young children innocently looked on.
Raunchily she took off her robes," News of the World quoted him as saying.
We don't get the sentimental tunes at Christmas like we used to'' - face stiff opposition from the favourites, the girl and boy bands from the TV series Popstars: The Rivals.Pete Waterman, the pop guru who steered the career of Kylie Minogue, seems to be putting his money on the safe ensemble of a group of looka-likes singing as raunchily as their young vocal chords will allow.
Ronan's wife Yvonne said she didn't mind her hubby dancing raunchily with the female dancers.