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Obscene, especially in a lewd or vulgar manner. The director seems more interested in making a shocking, raunchy movie than a coherent and enjoyable one. His whole comedy set is just one raunchy joke after , from beginning to end.
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and raunchie and ronchie (ˈrɑntʃi)
1. mod. crude; tasteless; bad. He told a very raunchy story at the party.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Those guys were raunchy as hell.
3. mod. sick; ill. After I ate dinner, my stomach felt a little raunchie, so I went home.
4. mod. untidy; unclean. We decided to leave the raunchy movie about halfway through.


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``Whole lotta shakin' goin' on'' is the theme for this month's shindig so feel free to wear your raunchiest rhinestones and queerest quiffs.
Liberty x are set to give their raunchiest show ever with an exclusive club gig in Newcastle this Friday ( and you could meet the group at the event.
Love Me Like a Man is Krall at her raunchiest yet and succeeds completely.
Ceasar's in Solihull, which bills itself as the "raunchiest nightclub in the Midlands", is to launch special nude nights so naturists can have some fun during the cold winter months.
Margot was speaking to W Magazine for an Instagram video of celebrities talking about the raunchiest movie moments.
That said, the menu I dined out on is apparently the raunchiest fare they have going.
London, November 23 ( ANI ): Lara Stone, who recently dared to bare in her raunchiest shoot yet by posing in an eye-popping full-frontal shoot, has described herself as 'shy' in an interview with i-D magazine.
who, in her engagingly unassuming way, is quietly presenting the raunchiest show on TV.
"She will perform Womanizer, and it will be the raunchiest performance X Factor has seen.
THEY look SO in love...these tender scenes were captured during Posh and Beck's raunchiest photoshoot ever.
And the 18 year-old instantly reaches for the raunchiest frock in the shop.
Liberty x are set to give their raunchiest show ever with an exclusive club gig in Newcastle this Friday and we have tickets to give away for the over-18s-only event.
Her single Toxic, which has one of the raunchiest videos she has ever recorded, went straight in at number one, while the Aussie star's new single Red Blooded Woman only reached number five.
It has been described as the raunchiest movie in more than a decade and, unsurprisingly, the British Board of Film Classification has given an 18 certificate.