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While others rattle sabres, Omanis sit down to talk.
Still, while warmongers rattle sabres, it's probably worth the effort to revisit a story of renewal and forgiveness, whether or not you're a believer.
Not till Pakistan or China rattle sabres, we as 1.22 billion people don't spare a thought for the armed forces.
I believe it's jingoistic to rattle sabres from the comfort of one's warm and cozy home.
Egypt's ageing generals often rattle sabres at their traditional enemy, Israel, but have used the idle decades to carve out an empire at home.
It always puts us on guard when politicians rattle sabres.
The U.S.-led coalition forces have yet to provide a secure environment--in either Iraq or Afghanistan--and President George Bush continues to rattle sabres at Iran and North Korea, the two remaining hostile regimes on his axis-of-evil list.