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"So it helps me when I come into a game because I seem to have a bit more time as I am used to having him ratting around.
Bacuna and Gardner do the ratting around while Jedinak tends to sit deep and break up play.
Brabin added: "When they see James Norwood chasing and harrying, scoring goals and doing things with quality; when they see Jay Harris and Steve Jennings ratting around in midfield; when they see that little bit of flair on the wings which is producing opportunities for us, I think they can see it is coming together.
"The Newcastle game is the minimum of what's required now - working hard, ratting around, having shots, being solid.
"I'm not frightened of trying it at home because of the freedom it gives Steve Jennings, Danny Harrison and Steven O'Leary in midfield and the way Mark Rankine has settled into the deeper position, ratting around people.
If Craig is quiet and not ratting around, not moaning at opponents and referees, then it's not really Craig Bellamy and Newcastle lose so much.