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come up with the rations

military slang Of an award, to be granted when it is undeserved. I don't think he really earned that medal—I suspect it just came up with the rations.
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ration out

To divide and distribute small portions of something in order to make it last as long as possible. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ration" and "out." We have to ration out the stew if we're going to feed all these guests. The foreign aid group has been rationing out food and water to the refugees. Because of a problem with the supplier, we've had to ration paper out among students.
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ration something out (among someone)

to give people limited shares of something, attempting to make it last as long as possible. The captain rationed the water out among all the crew, trying to make it last as long as possible. Jane rationed out the cookies among the kids.
See also: out, ration

come up (or be given) with the rations

(of a medal) be awarded automatically and without regard to merit. military slang
See also: come, ration, up

ration out

To distribute a fixed portion of something, especially food that is allotted to persons in military service or to civilians in times of scarcity: The government rationed out flour and sugar during the war. The hikers had very little water and had to ration it out carefully.
See also: out, ration
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Defence equipment minister Quentin Davies said: "One of the most important requirements is to provide increased variety to troops operating for long periods on rations, which will help reduce menu fatigue.
"We say that we will provide fresh rations within our operational capability and will now contact our personnel in Afghanistan to see whether there has been a problem getting fresh rations out to troops at this FOB."
Hershey dominated the production of ration bars, but it was not the only maker, said Gerald Peterson, owner of World War Two Ration Technologies in Portland, Oregon.
Limitations of Linear Programming in Developing Least-Cost Rations
Many Missouri farmers have only corn fodder and timothy hay on hand and want to know what to feed with these until they can arrange to get the proper rations. In the first place, to get results in any way satisfactory in feeding timothy hay and corn fodder, it must be expected to feed grain liberally.
"We put three zip-lock bags in with the rations, so the person can break it up into three separate meals and easily store unused portions in the uniform pockets, wherever is most comfortable and fits the best," he explained.
Crowds gathered in city centres everywhere to tear up their ration books ceremonially when the nation was at last freed from food restrictions in 1954.
The WFP ration project currently operates in 16 countries.
'The rich in Karachi prepare ration bags and gifts in addition to giving Zakat, Fitra and other donations to charities, hospitals, madrassas and orphanages,' said Haji Tasleem, who distributes gift items among the poor every Ramazan.
"In addition, excess amounts of sodium chloride (common salt) when added to feed rations will cause wet droppings and wet litter.
The three groups were assigned at random to the three experimental rations. Control ration (R1): clover hay plus concentrate feed mixture (CFM), R2 and R3: clover hay plus CFM in which 30% or 60 % from yellow corn and wheat bran was replaced with BBP.
| Women line up to collect their wartime rations, and, inset, one person's weekly rations during those hard years
ACCORDING TO AN ARTICLE in the Ottawa Sun, the Canadian Combat Rations Program announced additions to the Individual Ration Pack this year.
Spam became a favourite in 'Ration Book Britain', while rabbit and horse might appear on the weekly menu to augment the meagre meat rations Many shops opened for only two or three days a week.
vigorously denied that the United States rations health care or that