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come up with the rations

military slang Of an award, to be granted when it is undeserved. I don't think he really earned that medal—I suspect it just came up with the rations.
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ration out

To divide and distribute small portions of something in order to make it last as long as possible. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ration" and "out." We have to ration out the stew if we're going to feed all these guests. The foreign aid group has been rationing out food and water to the refugees. Because of a problem with the supplier, we've had to ration paper out among students.
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ration something out (among someone)

to give people limited shares of something, attempting to make it last as long as possible. The captain rationed the water out among all the crew, trying to make it last as long as possible. Jane rationed out the cookies among the kids.
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come up (or be given) with the rations

(of a medal) be awarded automatically and without regard to merit. military slang
See also: come, ration, up

ration out

To distribute a fixed portion of something, especially food that is allotted to persons in military service or to civilians in times of scarcity: The government rationed out flour and sugar during the war. The hikers had very little water and had to ration it out carefully.
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Horse meat was not rationed and there were occasional supplies of whale meat and reindeer.
These commodities were strictly rationed during the war - the ration was one egg and just 8oz of sugar per week per adult.
Potatoes were not rationed and in summer, people were asked to eat more salads to save cooking fuel.
FAMILIAR SIGHT: Rationing meant queueing for clothing remained until 1949, petrol until 1950 and other food until 1954 STRICT ORDERS: Shopkeepers could only issue the rationed amount, despite the appeals of desperate housewives
But unless those decisions affect us personally, we are somewhat buffered from the human cost of rationed health services.
In New Zealand, we have developed terms to cover situations where care is rationed, eg "essential cares" or "prioritising care".
Basic foodstuff such as bacon, butter and sugar initially were rationed but the list of goods lengthened quickly to include everything from cooking fats and cheese to treacle.
July 1940: Tea, margarine, cooking fats and cheese rationed.
Rationing began in January 1940 with bacon and ham rationed to 4ozs a week, sugar to 12ozs and butter to 4ozs.
Fresh fruit and vegetables will not, of course, be rationed but junk foods and unhealthy frozen packs or tins of pudding packed with e numbers will be.