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come up with the rations

slang Of an award, to be granted when it is undeserved. Used in the military. I don't think he really earned that medal—I suspect it just came up with the rations.
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ration out

To divide and distribute small portions of something in order to make it last as long as possible. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ration" and "out." We have to ration out the stew if we're going to feed all these guests. The foreign aid group has been rationing out food and water to the refugees. Because of a problem with the supplier, we've had to ration paper out among students.
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ration something out (among someone)

to give people limited shares of something, attempting to make it last as long as possible. The captain rationed the water out among all the crew, trying to make it last as long as possible. Jane rationed out the cookies among the kids.
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come up (or be given) with the rations

(of a medal) be awarded automatically and without regard to merit. military slang
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ration out

To distribute a fixed portion of something, especially food that is allotted to persons in military service or to civilians in times of scarcity: The government rationed out flour and sugar during the war. The hikers had very little water and had to ration it out carefully.
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These are rationed, usually by being made available to all citizens.
The number of people who registered for food rations is estimated at around 34 million, according to latest statistics from Iraq's Ministry of Trade.
And, last, even though the ACA establishes entities that some critics claim will ration care, such as IPAB and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), IPAB is explicitly prohibited from engaging in rationing decisions (Aaron 2011) and PCORI's mission is to produce information regarding the comparative effectiveness of medical therapies and procedures that will assist decision making by patients, clinicians, purchasers, and policymakers (Selby, Beal, and Frank 2012).
Studies have concluded that bogus ration cards are generally found in urban areas where people try to make use of the document for getting voting rights and other government facilities.
Both were sold only in state ration stores or on the black market.
The firm have created army rations of chocolate chip cake and fruit salad in syrup for British soldiers abroad.
Last night, a Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said they would launch an investigation into claims made by soldiers on Operation Herrick and confirmed troops were supposed to be provided with fresh rations whenever possible.
Orders for the bars soared quickly, and on January 2, 1942, the army ordered 300,000 four-ounce D Ration bars.
As a ration is developed, it should be kept in mind what it means for a nutrient to be balanced.
The amount of food, petrol and clothing you could buy was all strictly controlled, and everyone was given a ration book.
Summary: Latehar (Jharkhand) [India], June 7 (ANI): The non-delivery of ration due to network issue in the point of sale machine starved 65-year-old Ramcharan Munda to death.
One common practice towards the end of Ramazan is the preparation of Eid gift hampers and ration bags, the intention being to ensure that the poorest too are able to enjoy Eidul Fitr to the fullest.
The Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) cited Jahangiri as saying that because of US sanctions, "We might be forced to ration some goods and reintroduce vouchers for distributing them."