rate below

rate (someone or something) below (someone or something else)

to judge someone to rank lower than someone else; to judge something to rank lower than something else. I have to rate Carol below Donna in this regard. We all rate plain chocolate ice cream below rocky road ice cream.
See also: below, rate
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The Swedish central bank has kept its interest rate below zero.
The loan was for a ten-year term with an interest rate below 5.
With Japan's total fertility rate below replacement level, women marrying later than they did in the past or not at all, and the population rapidly aging and shrinking, the government has taken innovative steps to avoid demographic disaster.
With your help, we are managing to keep the attrition rate below 4 percent -- half of what is was last year, and the lowest in recent history.
1 percent, pushing the nation's unemployment rate below 5 percent for the first time since 1973.
A bank in Germany has taken its rate below zero after the ECB took its rates below zero months before.
We ultimately were able to secure long-term financing at an interest rate below six percent with a conduit lender.
We're in a different environment'' with the unemployment rate below 5 percent and the economy apparently still running faster than its sustainable long-term trend, said Nicholas S.
Fitch expects overall CMBS delinquencies to continue to decline over the next several months and believes a CMBS delinquency rate below 1.
The recommended fiscal 2004 budget includes a total millage rate below the fiscal 2003 budget's but above the rolled-back (revenue-neutral) rate.
The strong economy and tax base growth experience over the past several years allowed a gradual reduction in property tax rates over the past decade, bringing the city's rate below the state average.
Monthly data suggests a decline in joblessness and shows an unemployment rate below that of the state.
The three properties, representing 316 apartments, were refinanced with HUD insured loans for 35 years at an interest rate below 6%.
This award recognizes AGA member companies that have achieved a total Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injuries and illnesses incident rate below the industry average.