rate among

rate someone or something among something

to judge someone or something to be essentially equal to something. I rate Polly among the best of this year's class. We rate these contestants among the best ever.
See also: among, rate
References in classic literature ?
re-echoed Sir Henry and I, and from that day Good's reputation as a marvellous shot was established, at any rate among the Kafirs.
The highest childbearing rate among 15-17-year-old girls is recorded in Talas region - 12.
In 2015, the illiteracy rate among persons 15 years and above in Palestine was 3.
The suicide rate among aboriginals in Canada has been a widespread epidemic for decades.
The unemployment rate among the male population is 49.
Summary: The ownership rate among women in Tunisia is very low, less than 5%, Director of "Sigma Conseil", Hassen Zargouni said in a statement to African Manager.
The unemployment rate among secondary and university graduates was above 34% in the category of youth.
The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate among people younger than 25 also remained unchanged at just below 32 per cent in December, compared with the previous month, down from over 34 per cent in December 2015, Eurostat said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.
TB prevalence rate among children across the country declined and made 10.
The smoking rate among 16 to 24-year-olds dropped from 26.
Continuing a trend of declining pregnancies, especially since 2007, the rate drop occurred across both married and unmarried women, although the rate among women over age 30 continued to climb gradually from 1990 rates.
During the four-year time period from 2009 to 2012, what is the labor force participation rate among all working-age (16 to 64 years of age) people in the U.
5 minutes last season - the fourth highest rate among defenders 3 Distin's record of a headed clearance every 13.
ISLAMABAD -- A new report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has revealed that the suicide rate among middle-aged Americans has increased during recent decade.