rate above

rate above (someone or something)

1. To be considered more valuable, significant, or important than another person, thing, or group of people or things. I believe preserving the wellbeing of our fellow citizens rates above trying to maximize the profits of corporations. Although he is largely written off by music aficionados, he still rates above nearly every other singer on the billboards every time he releases a new album.
2. To consider someone or something to be more valuable, significant, or important than another person, thing, or group of people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rate" and "above." I wouldn't rate it above her other work, but it's still a very well-written piece of literature. We rate Sarah above any other lawyers in the city, so we have full confidence in her ability to handle this case on her own.
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rate (someone or something) above (someone or something else)

to judge someone to rank higher than someone else; to judge something to rank higher than something else. Do you rate Alice above Valerie? I rate chocolate ice cream above vanilla.
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Continuing claims surged by 79k to a lofty 1,805k in the BLS survey week of February, and the insured jobless rate rose to 1.3% from 1.2% over the prior eleven weeks and a 1.1% cycle-low in late-November that was also seen in the last three weeks of October, leaving that rate above the 1.1%-1.2% range evident since April of 2018.
Just over two-thirds (69%) of savings accounts pay a rate above 0.75%, Moneyfacts.co.uk found.
that financial cycle is in a phase in which the introduction of a CCB rate above 0% could constrain credit activity.
It is interpreted that the BOK raised its rate preemptively in order to keep its rate above that of the U.S.
It also warned that weaker growth could drive the unemployment rate above 5%.
While in 1991, no state had a rate above 20 percent, the latest survey shows adult obesity rates have exceeded 35 percent in four states and 30 percent in 25 states.
A growth rate above +1.0 percent is usually a signal of future growth in industry activity, while a growth rate below -1.0 percent points to a decrease in activity.
More than one region in three has an unemployment rate above 10%; the regions recording unemployment rates above 15% are almost one out of five.
The research, published in the journal Heart, found that a resting rate above 81 bpm increased the risk of death further still.
Newcastle and North Tyneside have some of the highest re-offending rates in the country, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) figures showed, while all areas of the North East had a re-offending rate above 25%.
Around mid-2004, when the counterfactual deviates the most from the actual series, the model indicates that the probability of an unemployment rate greater than 8 percent would have been as high as 80 percent, while the probability of an inflation rate above 1 percent would have been close to zero.
"The numbers confirm that the German economy is in very healthy shape and that it will probably continue to grow solidly and at a rate above the euro zone average in the coming quarters," said Aline Schuiling from ABN Amro.
The increase is due to increased exports, continued growth in domestic demand for beef as the Brazilian economy is expected to grow in 2011 at a rate above 5 percent, and higher consumer purchasing power which benefits consumption of animal proteins, according to the report.
The most rapidly growing markets are projected to be corn in Argentina and Brazil and soybeans in Brazil, growing at a rate above 7%.