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ratchet up

1. To cause something to increase in increments: The motor was running too slow to run the pump, so we ratcheted up the speed until it worked. We won't resolve our disagreements if you ratchet up our discussions into big arguments.
2. To increase by increments: The tension ratcheted up as the hostage crisis wore on.
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and motor-mouth
n. someone who talks incessantly. (Also a term of address.) Tell that ratchet-mouth to shut up! Hey, motor-mouth! Don’t you ever stop?
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For ratcheting, the deformation accumulates successively along the direction of mean stress during the cyclic loading process.
Founded in 2015, Better Tool offers the only multi-function, ratcheting fire hydrant and fittings wrench.
The ratcheting strain is defined as the average value of the maximum axial strain [[epsilon].
GearWrench also added two specialized HVAC QuadBox wrenches featuring the most frequent sizes needed when working on air conditioners and furnaces (3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" square drives) with dual reversing levers and 5[deg] ratcheting arc.
The Acumed Ratcheting Compression Plating System is intended to be used for fixation such as LisFranc arthrodesis, mono or bi-cortical osteotomies in the forefoot, first metatarsophalangeal arthrodesis, Akin osteotomy, midfoot and hindfoot arthrodeses or osteotomies, fixation of osteotomies for hallux valgus treatment (Scarf and Chevron), and arthrodesis of the metatarsocuneiform joint to reposition and stabilize metatarsus primus varus.
In this study, a series of uniaxial ratcheting experiments of PTFE and PTFE/bronze were conducted with cyclic stress loading at room temperature and high temperature (473 K).
TM] will automatically engage the ratcheting function using a standard driving motion.
In the original Schapery model used in this work to describe the uniaxial ratcheting of PEI, the uniaxial versions of Eqs.
Productivity is also enhanced by the 5-degree ratcheting arc, compared to the 12-degree arc on standard conventional ratchets.
net, which offers the most comprehensive selection of off-the-shelf tool kits solutions for professional system integrators and installers, today added the TrueConect TC100 connector pro-style, ratcheting modular plug crimp tool to its lineup.
Most of rubber components endure cyclic loading during their service, and a nonzero mean stress during cyclic loading may cause an accumulation of strain, which is known as ratcheting phenomenon and ratcheting strain is the strain accumulation of material under unsymmetrical cyclic stress (1).
New York-based Melco Direct, LLC will debut "My T Driver" - a torque-driven ratcheting screwdriver with the power and versatility never before possible from a conventional or powered screwdriver - at the National Hardware Show held May 4-6 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
The ratcheting deformation (cyclic creep) accumulates from the very beginning of cyclic loading.
The OsteoTrac system features a unique patented ratcheting mechanism that allows for intraoperative adjustments for precise alignment and correction.
90 5-Position Ratcheting Screwdriver (SGDMRCE44/O/G) -- Soft grip screwdrivers feature straight, 30 degrees (left and right) and 60 degrees (left and right) locking positions with the push of a button, and a forward/reverse lever for quick directional changes.